100 Word Challenge 2.12.16

Imagine you are Maia sitting, dipping your toes in the cold, clear water, on the jetty outside Finn’s wooden lodge. Describe the scene around you. Remember to use the five senses and poetic language to help you. 

Some fantastic Phoenix poems, well done class 6. Don’t forget to comment on each others’ work. Apologies for the delay in approving them. 

100 word challenge 7.10.16

Robin Hood has been spotted entering Sir Guy of Gisborne’s castle. What on earth can be going on? Can the sworn enemies have become friends or is there something more sinister going on? Broadcast your opinion to the local community!

100 word challenge

This week you are to be in role as Maid Marian. Write a secret love letter to Robin to tell him how relieved you were to see him return safely after his altercation with Sir Guy. Express your hopes for the future and any plans you have. Use expanded noun phrases to give added detail.