Henri Rousseau Blog Challenge



Look ok at this fantastic piece of work by Henri Rousseau.

What does it inspire you to write?

An opening to a story set in the rainforest? A report on tigers?

This is your opportunity to do some writing inspired by this painting- the most creative ideas will be rewarded! To be completed by Friday 27th January. Remember to comment on each other’s!

Good luck!

21 thoughts on “Henri Rousseau Blog Challenge”

  1. Deep in the heart of the rainforest, the king of the wild, proud and fierce quietly and intelligently stalks for his prey, through the thick high grass ready to pounce at the exact moment. His glossy stripped yellow and black coat stretches over his muscular rippling body, blending in with the shadows which surround him. As the light slowly dims his sharp pointed dagger shaped teeth glisten, he feels hunger. Suddenly his ears perk up and he immediately stops in his tracks, his razor sharp eyes have spotted his prey. Crouched and ready to pounce he strikes his powerful gripping paw with sharp curled claws and reaches out….

  2. A peaceful scenery, a beautiful site to see. I’m Lola and this is were my story unravels…….

    I live in the jungle, raised by humans, adored by humans. I’m very happy where I am eventhough sometimes I do feel left out because lots and lots of girls go to school and learn, except me. I mean I love my mother and father but how am I suppose to be clever and smart if I can’t even do 1 + 1 or worse yet, don’t even know how to spell my name. Anyway enough about me I have a dreadful story to say, here it goes……..

    1. I love how you’ve left it on a cliff hanger with the ellipsis at the end, it makes you want to find out more about what happens next.

  3. I stand. Entranced! I am adventuring through the depths of this undiscovered forest. I shiver; it’s damp and mysterious. I gaze, the forest is a wonderful place: full of magical sights and extraordinary objects. Many creatures live in this land, it’s a castle, as green as one of it’s slithering rulers – a slimy, velvet snake. I can hear birds, singing with ear-splitting squawks.

    All of a sudden, with a whip of wind, my hairs on the back of my neck are standing on edge. I feel as though I am being watched, by thousands of tiny, beady eyes. I glare, staring upwards into the heights of the trees. The forest is now turning darker, I can hear twigs snapping and little, tittering noises.

    With a shiver of fright I turn around, there are hundreds of huge, yellow, staring eyes, owned by black, spooky bats. My worst nightmare! I scream.

    Abruptly all the bats start to flap their strong wings and surround me – I am starting to suffocate with horror. Is this the end of my adventure?

    1. I love all the punctuation, one or two word sentences and the description of the forest. It makes it sound a lot more mysterious and intriguing!

  4. My feet were firmly planted on the wet forest floor. Pattering loudly on the vibrant, eye-catching plants, rain fell around me. A flower was perched next to me – it stared at the tree top and drank the falling water. The animals ran wildly to shelter and a tiger (who was very fierce) roared bravely to scare off the weather. Colour was splattered everywhere like modern art. The wind was a miniscule tornado trying to blow me off my feet. But I wouldn’t budge. Glaring at the natural, gorgeous surrounding around me filled me with determination ; I wished that I could freeze time and stay in this moment forever.

  5. Slow,still
    I stalk,watch my prey
    Waiting for the next unfortunate victim
    I live in the jungle
    Some say that lions are the ‘KINGS,’ but have you seen my kind in action?
    We are the real kings!

  6. The orange tiger is like the king of the rainforest, slowly walking along the forest floor. He’s very vicious and very protective of his prey. Tigers are very calm when they are not eating other animals or fighting with them, they stroll at the side of the river waiting till he is hungry and then they pounce. The plants around them are just beautiful, all different colours and different shapes and sizes. The plants are everywhere all over the rainforest and the tiger normally hides/sleeps in the plants. The tigers Normally eat antelope, boars and deers.

  7. In the warm, summers sun, I prowl in the long, sharp grass; waiting for my next victim! The leaves swaying in the gentle wind and the sky fading to its natural darkness. While I -master of the forest, friend of the almighty king lion- get ready to kill. The unfortunate deer nibbling away at the forest floor, not knowing what’s about to happen. The tiger took its chance and pounced! The poor creature looking up, then, all its ever done and will do flashed before its eyes. The tiger, messily scoffing its gob with his meat, won today’s battle.

  8. The tiger was in my sight, a gentle yet ferocious beast. It crept slowly, maintaining cover in the prickly grass. This was it, the wild animal crawled up behind the helpless gazelle. SNAP! The leg was bit, I rushed out to save the dying animal. The beast would not allow it, the lightning-fast reflexes caught me off guard, and as i accepted my fate, i smiled, for i knew that i had not been taken by the machine, but been taken the way nature intended…

  9. Deep in the maze of the rainforest, the tiger pounced on to its prey, the leaves of the giant rainforest hung over the tiger and its prey. The night sky darkened as the deer’s life was coming to an end. What would happen next, would another animal be prey. The next day there was a herd of cattle, how they got there the tiger didn’t know, but all he did was chase them away. As time went on he became lonely he now regrets everything he did, in the rainforest.

  10. The orange and black tiger firmly plants his feet on the wooden twigs. King of the jungle does not like to be bossed about, he watches his prey all the time and does not let it out of its site.
    cautiously,he creeps up behind them and rattles them to death before letting them to live for another second.If anyone will disobeys him don’t think you will live until 90 odd you will not …. at ALL.

  11. Deep in the dark rainforest lies the dreaded tiger that rules all, he claws at you if you go near him, he slices you if you go near his food and worst of all he eats you if you try to hurt him. He lurks in the pile of leaves and the dead branches waiting for someone to challenge him. The dense, compact rainforest was never peaceful if there was any sight of peace it be gone in a second. He ruled the green dungeon slaying all the weak but when the dark came he no longer ruled he was weak !

  12. The soft but firm paws of the Indian tiger pottered along the long grass and overgrown weeds. It was a windy day, trees and broad-leaf plants danced from side to side making a synchronised routine. The tiger smiled to itself; it had just spotted dinner- a baby dear. The tiger’s eyes lit up. It crouched into position. It would pounce at any moment…

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