100 Word Challenge 2.12.16

Imagine you are Maia sitting, dipping your toes in the cold, clear water, on the jetty outside Finn’s wooden lodge. Describe the scene around you. Remember to use the five senses and poetic language to help you. 

Some fantastic Phoenix poems, well done class 6. Don’t forget to comment on each others’ work. Apologies for the delay in approving them. 

22 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge 2.12.16”

  1. Dipping my feet into the cold,fresh water felt AMAZING!
    The trees where beautiful , bright and colourful ,plants and leaves to.It felt good to get out of the house for once[it was like a prison]. Smelling fresh air instead of Lysol was a relief-i could of died of that-it was horrible.I couldn’t stop thinking about the fire flies dancing like ballerinas -gracefully.It was nice that the twins weren’t here, who knows what they cold have done. Why do they not like me?I haven’t done anything, well i think so anyway.All of nature was lovely until Mrs Carter called me in to start more of my study.

    1. Very well written description, and i like the simile ‘fire flies dancing like ballerinas- gracefully’ also good use of adjectives!

  2. Oh, oh my feet are as cold as an iceberg but I don’t want to take them out of the water. I feel so….so lonely well apart from Finn beside me. The cold air whooshes and swooshes around my pale face. I can smell hardly anything because I am sooooooo freezing, it is as if I’m in a freezer constantly. I hear a flock of birds chirping, tweeting and softly whispering. Finn’s wooden lodge is very special to him and eventhough it isn’t mine it’s very special to me aswell, it is so….so homely it remindes me of a true and welcoming place to be.

  3. The coldness of the river soothing my overheating feet, Finn by my side comforting me. I can hear the swishing of the trees is the distance; I can feel the warm but slightly cold air against my face it feels amazing; I can feel my hand running through the soft bed of water next to me. The rippling river rolling across the river bed under me and the wooden lodge behind me. As the green curtain opened and Furo came through, the feeling of adrenalin filled me, as I knew I would have to go back to the heartless Carters.

  4. The rush of cold water brushes against my toes. It feels so refreshing to be out here, away from Lysol, away from tinned food, away from the Carters. Finn is in the hut beside me, he says he is reading his ‘Latin for Beginners’ book. I trust Finn. There’s something about him that is comforting and trustworthy.
    Being out here in the wilderness alerts me of all my wonderful surroundings. It’s as if the butterflies are dancing for me and the fish are tickling my feet. The reeds sway together making a sound like tubular bells. In this moment, I feel truly alive.

  5. I dip my toes into the peaceful water; the cold shoots up my legs. The beauty of the nature amazes me; the wild flowers growing freely: the magnificent trees strong and colourful taking my imagination away with the amount of freedom the nature has and having no freedom with the Carters. I feel as though everyone is miles away from me even though Finn is sat next to me, as I miss all of my friends so much. I can smell the fresh rubber on the other side of the water. Tweeting in the sky the birds flew gracefully whistling in my ears.

  6. Dipping my toes into the cold, fresh water was so relaxing. The sun was glistening through the trees. Finn and i decided
    to throw a pebble, my attempt was surprising good, it skimmed over the water multiple times! Finns just went plop, he
    couldn’t get the hang of it. I stopped for a while to look at all the plants around me, they were beautiful. The trees swaying and the fresh
    breeze blew on my face, i was so happy to be here right now, it gave me such an inner peace, away from the twins at last! There is no smell
    of Lysol haunting me! My perfect place of peace….

  7. The water is amazing! I can hear the mosquitoes buzzing, unlike the Carter’s house, where the mosquitoes are kept outside by mosquito nets. This lodge is incredible! It is everything the Carter’s house isn’t! This lodge is painted the colour of the forest, not a hospital, and the wildlife is flourishing here, and it’s in a lovely lagoon… surround by vibrant colours, orange… green… yellow…blue. It is all here! Everything I thought the Amazon was like! I can smell the moss surround this natural wonder! This truly is heaven; I wish the Carters loved this as much as I do…

  8. As I sit by the clear, calming water, my mind rests whilst my eyes take in the beauty that surrounds me. The exotic flowers and the leaning trees comfort me as the water as cold as ice frolics around my feet. The water is therapeutic, and it creates a shield around me to block out all stress. Looking at the soft grass surrounding Finn’s jetty, I think about how lovely his lodge is. Even the dark wood it is made with makes me feel at home (more than the Carters at least). Relaxing beside the blissful water is fulfilling.

  9. The birds are singing, the trees are dancing. The wind blows gently pass my face as I gently dip my feet in the cold refreshing water. Dragonflies fly inches away from the water, buzzing thier wings so fast you can’t see them. I can hear the humming of the forest getting louder and louder. Crickets beep like a ticking time bomb. The old wooden lodge sits there with bugs and insects crawling in and out of it. The orange ball of fire in the sky slowly falls down and turns day into night. The frogs jump from one lily to another like gymnasts .

  10. Cold water sends relief around my body, as a shiver of cold slithers up my spine. I hear crickets and taste the joy of freedom, away from the two venomous twins (Beatrice and Gwendolyn)! This adventure is the totally the opposite of what I imagined. What has this boy ever done? Why do they want him back in England? These past months have been a worrying and questionable roller-coaster! My toes softly touch the surface of the water – it feels like luxury, luxury in the Amazon. What will happen to me, the Carters obviously don’t want me? I’m so anxious!

  11. Dipping my toes in the water as cold as ice was like living in an ice castle, but I must say the water was as clear as air I could see everything near my feet. Finn’s lodge was delightful , I really think it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. The birds in the trees are chirping very loud like a foghorn, but in tune. The smell of water and fresh grass was to die for. Better then any smell In the carter household. It was a relief to get away from the twins because they were really mean to me, don’t know why I’ve done nothing to them apart from be nice.

  12. My feet are as cold as the arctic circle as I dip my feet into the water, It is so clear I can see my own reflection.It is so silent that I feel like no one is around me but Fin is right beside me, the trees tower over us like giants, Fin’s world is way better than the Carters smelly old prison. This place smells like paradise I can smell flowers and the trees are blossoming I never want to leave. The flowers are all different colours it is like a meadow, a very small meadow

  13. The water is heaven on my feet- it’s glorious . I wish I never
    Came to the Carters house (it’s practically a toilet the smell
    Of Lysol is so strong). I wonder where Clovis is I’m extremely
    Worried especially because of the jungle ; maybe he’s been
    Eaten by a tiger or maybe a croco- I mean alligator. Why
    Did the Carters even want me ? it’s not like there getting
    Paid- they don’t even treat me fairly them greedy little pigs
    Always get what they want,
    ‘ mummy I want chocolate, I want a new dress.’
    Any ways I have to go have dinner.

  14. While I’m out here in Finn’s heaven with my feet in the glorious water I start thinking about Clovis. What if he’s been eaten by croco… I mean alligators. Where has he gone I hope he’s found a safe place just like this. Oh here comes Furo and says “It’s getting dark it’s time to come back now.”

  15. As I dip my feet into the cold and refreshing water I feel as though I am a free bird. It is so peaceful, I can’t believe it; the gentle humming of the birds is so relaxing. I felt like I was finally home and I had found my real family. Finn’s lodge was is special to him, I can see why he doesn’t want to go back to England because this is where he belongs.I can’t believe how gorgeous this lagoon is it is like a dream.

  16. I parked myself down aside of Finn; a cold gust of wind swept us up into a universe of freedom. As I installed my toes into the water a shiver inched up my spine – it was crispy cold. As I rummaged around for my pouch a grip trapped my hands . My head weaved and a pant of solace was revealed. The enclosure was stunning ; it was perfect.
    The birds humming; the leaves rustling, dancing and performing ; lastly the water mirroring stars . It was starting to become late…I crept away back into the carters life …

  17. I plunge my warm feet in the rippling cool water and it’s as cold as ice. The water tickles as it rushes between my tingling toes, I take deep breaths of the fresh air into my lungs. I can smell the sweet aroma of the giant lilies and see the vibrant colour purple of the delicate orchids. What a contrast from the stuffy cupboard inside, for those few minutes I felt a feeling of freedom and adventure as I looked up and brilliant colours of the scarlet macaw flying free, then I heard my name being called to go back inside.

  18. As I placed my toes in the cold water – I was confused at how cold it was considering the high temperatures in the amazon. Finn was sat next to me , he was calm and still . A huge gust of wind sent a shiver creeping my spine ; but Finn was there to reassure me . I looked at him and he smiled , I blushed a little . The nature around me was incredible it sent a smile on my face .

  19. I dip my toes in majestic river, realising I have to LEAVE. I know this is my solitude because I feel safe and peaceful, I look out into the wilderness I see a defenceless butterfly moving into a den of a panther. Embracing the nature of my friends home I think of how amazing this place is home. I ever so gracefully stroke the dog what strolls over to me every so often (well when I whistle to it). I can’t bare to think that I have to go to my care takers cupboard. I never want to leave.

  20. As I dip my sweat ,dripping feet into the cold river ,I image sitting at my school desk back in England with all the other friendly girls not like Beatrice and Gwendolyn; there horrible . My feat suffocate into the cool river with Finn sitting next to me , I look aside ; he’s concentrating as still as a mouse, I don’t want to disturb him do I . Clovis is in the cabin asleep as always , curled up like a snake waiting to pounce .

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