100 word challenge

Write a free verse poem in 100 words using as many poetic features as possible! Use the picture as a stimulus. 

17 thoughts on “100 word challenge”

  1. A phoenix,
    A trustworthy bird.
    It soars through the sky like an angel,
    It glides
    It flies
    It dances on the clouds.
    Powerful, wonderful wings,
    Sharp, carved claws.
    A phoenix.

    A phoenix,
    A trustworthy bird.
    Tell it the truth,
    It listens to no lies.
    The elegant creature had gone.
    A phoenix.

    A phoenix,
    A trustworthy bird.
    Lying on a shining star it sleeps,
    On grass it feasts.
    The bird has a beautiful figure,
    The bird has a kind heart,
    The bird has great powers.
    This is a great bird!
    A phoenix,
    A trustworthy bird.

  2. I am a soaring phonex,
    I fly through the galaxy’s that man has never seen
    I go, hoping from planet to planet.

    I don’t look like the friendly sort
    My eyes are manipulating ,
    Talons like knives ,
    And colossal fiery wings

    It is not fair living all the way up there
    It’s lonely and miserable
    The unicorns are mean -horrid
    The food is scerse
    There is not a lot of phonexes
    Except the odd few -the unicorns have killed them all
    They will probably come for you.

    Lonely I am no friends at all
    I fly around in circles ,
    Saturn , Pluto , Mars even the moon
    No other phonex .

  3. The Phoenix
    The Phoenix is a powerful bird who come back to life from its ashes ,from its death it survives it burns in an instant like a lite fire on a winters day and turns into ashes
    It flies like a souring eagle in the sky hunting for its pray
    It hunts like a hunting tiger starving for food wondering how to catch its silent pray it hides in a tree top protecting its precious eggs about to hatch surcling its pray about to fly down on its food for its chicks who are about to hatch97
    While its mom hunts constantly till she finds food to eat with her chicks .

  4. The Final Battle

    As the voices hush,
    And the wind falls silent
    The true victor is yet to be revealed

    As the battle rages on,
    The phoenix,
    In all its beauty and glory,
    From the heavens above

    As all is still,
    The battle has been fought and lost,
    The crowds race to see,
    Of what life could have been…

    If that plucky phoenix could’ve fought on,
    As new darkness races over the land,

    Lives of innocents are corrupted
    By the darkened Sun,
    The crowds race to see,
    Of what life could have been…

  5. The Magnificent Fiery Phoenix

    The magnificent fiery phoenix boldly erupts from the rising vibrant orange and red flames of the scorching fire, like hot gold lava flowing from an angry, grumbling volcano.

    His wings are spread strong and wide shinning metallic, clenching his twisted claw mighty and proud, he is ready to swoop and dive courageous and bold. His beak is sharp and pointed like the tip of a sword. His eyes lighting up like the burning embers glowing in the dying fire.

    His passion is hotter than the scorching sun, he lives on forever old and wise commanding the skies.

    Thomas Stephens

  6. Volcanos,
    my home
    lots of fire
    my power.
    I’m the king of the air
    king of fire.
    I have but one desire
    Everyone is scared of me,
    although I’m a beautiful creature.
    I have no friends,
    because of the fact that
    if you are in a
    10 mile radius of me
    you get burnt.
    They have feared me for
    to long
    I love being feared now
    I’ll burn down forests
    kill other birds.
    Swooping in for prey
    so much fun.
    I smell dinner
    time to hunt.

  7. I……
    Am the majestic bird
    Rise from the ashes of a bird
    I am not like a normal bird
    Not one you see everyday
    NO NO NO!
    Would say that I am the
    Of my kind!!!
    Have you guested what I am or who I am?
    Well I will give you some clues….
    I have GOLDEN feathers…Yes golden
    I have BIG wings
    And a thin body
    Have you guessed what I am now?
    Well I will tell you
    I am the……..

  8. Flying over the starry, night sky,
    A blazing bird.
    Like an asteroid at full speed –
    It leaves an attention seeking fire

    The phoenix is a feisty ball of flames.
    The attention of those
    Above the roves of tall houses, then…
    The Greek bird races off again.

    A flamingo in a flock of pigeons
    Is what this bird is
    Compared to the others.
    Along at midnight,
    An imagination ride
    Between reality and
    It is an incredible sight to behold.

    Beautiful things can come from the ashes…
    Like the phoenix.

  9. I,
    I am the ruler, ruler of the skies
    I always hunt for my
    you know me by a
    Dangerous creature
    But you know me wrong
    I really want some fellow rulers
    To be my friend
    But where will I find them?
    How will I find them?
    Or is it too late?
    I mean who wants to be friends with a creature like
    Me anyway?
    But I must leave you there
    I need some food
    Food that tickles my taste buds
    Something that makes me feel happy
    And energetic so goodbye dear friend

  10. The Phoenix

    The phoenix is as graceful as ballet dancer,
    It is a tiny sun in the middle of winter.
    They are as orange as an orange.

    Swiftly, silently, skillfully it swoops
    And catches its lunch.
    Carefully it creeps up on its owner
    Once it has been alive for awhile it burns up and rises from the ashes

    It is as loyal as a golden retriever
    And will willingly stand by its master till the day they die
    They are extremely brave .

  11. Golden as the sun
    Handsome as Prince Charming,
    It soars through the sky
    And appears as a work of art.

    Its wings are fiery red,
    Vivid orange,
    Yellower than the sun
    And brighter than can be.

    Its eyes glow;
    And stand out from its wings,
    And claws.

    Its feathers shed:
    Leaving a trail of blaze-
    And showing the world
    Just how powerful it can be.

    It has many personalities;
    One majestic and peaceful,
    One fierce
    And one ever-so-slightly over-confident.

    Its face shows hunger-
    Hunger for food,
    Or hunger for freedom?
    It glides on

    Forever searching for completeness.

  12. The red eagle like bird gliges over its land
    And waiting
    For its prey to be seen.
    This creature
    Is as fast as lightening,
    It’s like a cheetah racing after a gazelle.
    This creature is like fire
    Very big and very fast at spreading, spreading around his world.
    Its wings are as huge as a garage door.
    This creature is the sun
    Big and orange
    and it fills the sky with brightness.
    He is also a king
    King of all his bird kind
    Everyone is scared of him because he is so big and very fierce.
    Everyone must obey him or else there life will be taken by this huge creature

  13. Me,the King of the over-soaring sky
    Glide with the flaming beauty of this peaceful day
    My fire blazes will make you blind
    Or if on a rainy day I shelter in a cosy cave.
    Me,the King of the over-soaring sky
    Will make others cower or cry
    Do I look like a nice guy
    Do I?
    All I care about are my burning flames
    Hot enough to put the sun out his job
    Im better than all
    The Kings think they are above everyone
    If they only knew what I do
    I could rule them too.

  14. I the fiery beast,
    Rule the skies,
    Looking down at all the dirty peasants,
    Feeding of all the dirty farms,
    While I sit down and relax in my beautifully made nest
    And feast on whatever I want when I want,
    It’s magnificent!
    It’s supper!
    I spread out my wings and set off .
    Sawing through the skies I target my prey,
    I swoop down and …
    Flying back to my nest with supper in my hands.
    I lie in my nest licking my lips and patting my stomach,
    Slyly looking at all the other birds telling them THERE NEXT!

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