100 word challenge 7.10.16

Robin Hood has been spotted entering Sir Guy of Gisborne’s castle. What on earth can be going on? Can the sworn enemies have become friends or is there something more sinister going on? Broadcast your opinion to the local community!

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  1. “Brave Robin Hood spotted climbing up a wall of the Sir Guy of Gisborne’s castle.”

    At full moon in a cloudless sky, Robin Hood bravely scaled a wall of his enemy the Sir Guy of Gisborne’s castle. I believe he managed to bypass the snoring guards through a secret entrance. As soon as he got inside the castle he drew his sword, moving quickly along the corridors trying to find his true love, Maid Marian. Robin had discovered Sir Guy had captured her and taken her against her will in order to get her to marry him! Robin was determined to rescue Marian and return safely with her to the forest.

  2. Robin Hood was spotted last night climbing up Sir Guy Of Gisborne’s castle wall.

    It was a cloudy night and Robin Hood was scaling up his enemy’s castle wall, to try and rescue the love of his life Lady Marian. Robin was trying to rescue her because Sir Guy, had taken her against her will and was planning on forcing her to marry him. We believe he managed to sneak past the guards and past Sir Guy’s bedroom door without waking them. He then ran off to Lady Marian’s bedroom and silently opened the door and woke her up. He then grabbed her hand and they ran off back to the forest.

  3. Hi there, I am Lucy and I’m the local broadcaster for Sherwood. Earlier today Robin Hood, who could perhaps have been the hooded figure at Sir Guy’s wedding, was seen entering Gisborne’s castle. Robin quite possibly could’ve been completing another of his sly plan. Personally, I believe, and you viewers may agree, that Robin either wanted to face off Sir Guy, face to face or ‘surprisingly’ stealing from the rich (which in this circumstance is Sir Guy of Gisborne) and giving it away to the poor (the more unfortunate villagers of nearby towns. What will happen between the two men?

  4. Hello I am Garry and ,on this fine morning ,I am reporting to you about the sightings between Sir Guy and Robin Wood. Robin has been coming into Sir Guy’s castle! Do you think their buddies or are they just picking a fight? Well I will wrap it up as best as I can for you. So Robin has been acting very peculiar since the ‘wedding’ for Lady Maid Marian and Sir Guy because supposedly Robin crashed the wedding but who knows what happened. Anyway for this morning that’s all but catch us tonight with more exclusive gossip. Bye!

  5. Robin Hood and Sir Guy are Frenemies ?

    This week Robin has been seen entering Sir Guys castle and we are wondering ,what is going on between them? Robin entered Sir Guys castle on Tuesday and has been seen going there frequently ever since. Are they duelling ? Are they buddies?nobody else has ever been inside the castle but what are the guards doing about this? Is Marian the centre of attention of what’s happening or is she forgotten?To be honest, I think they still are enemies because a filthy rich man and a brave peasant being friends is not likely. We will have to leave it there, we will always keep you updated. Farewell viewers.

  6. Today on Hi there we have got some exciting news, everyone is wondering why is the handsome Robin Wood entering Sir Guys heavily guarded castle? Well, today all the rumours are going to be solved because I: Jack am going to be filming outside the castle.

    Outside the castle on this buetiful day I’m going to be having a look at what’s going on between Robin and Sir Guy. WAIT!!! There’s Robin entering the castle but quite suspicious I may say. There he is shaking hands with Sir Guy like he’s a friend. Well I think they might just be friends. Well that’s it for now see you next time on hi there, bye

  7. Robin Hood been spotted YET AGAIN!

    It can’t be Robin Hood has been spotted entering Sir Guy’s castle. Only yesterday Robin was found sneaking into Sir Guy’s castle at 5 am so we had to ask what was going on. We asked Sir Guy some questions and here is what he said; Robin has been ruining my life first stealing Marian from me and now trying to steal my possessions when I catch him it’s over…

  8. There is photographical evidence that Robin was taken into the Castle by the evil Sir guy of Gisborne, he was taken unarmed from his precious bow and arrow. This happened after Robin was seen walking out of the forest holding hands with, the one and only, Lady Marian. Earlier Robin was seen doing something that looked like dancing but no one could be quite sure. What has the wicked, rich man done with our hero Robin of Locksley? Maybe Sir Guy was just in very bad mood. Who would know what that rat of a man thinks?

  9. Robin Hood stealing from prince John!

    Robin Hood and his gang has been spotted in the darkness of night stealing gold,money and jewels.
    Prince john is livid and has sent all his men to find robin and his men. Sir Guy of gisbourne is in charge of all the men and has promised everyone that he will stop at nothing until he finds robin. Sir guy is also very livid because he knows Marion has feelings for robin.

  10. “Secretive Robin Hood spotted digging a hole next to Sir Guy of Gisborne’s castle.”

    Sneaky Robin Hood has been recognised digging a hole at the side of Sir Guy of Gisborne’s castle. Abruptly, he dove into the hole that he’d dug and snook into the grand castle: taking out all the knights and guards with his spectacular bow and arrow skills. The brave, young man took the knights shining armour and put it on himself so that he could blend in. Once he was dressed, he followed the corridor to the end room, and then to his delight it was unlocked inside was a room filled with jewels.

  11. “Robin of Locksley’s caught castle entrance.”
    Last Wednesday at noon, Robin Hood, Sherwood’s best archer, was spotted firing arrows with green tips on them in Sir Guy of Gisborne’s castle walls. We suspected that Robin was about to leap from the cobble floor onto each arrow that was placed in the stone wall until he and his arrows reached the top of the bricks that guard Gisborne. However, it ended up him just randomly firing arrows whilst sneaking past the gate and the unreliable castle guards. We believe he entered to work things out with Sir Guy. Speak again soon!

  12. ‘What! Hood In Gisbornes Castle ‘

    In a star painting above, a hooded figure in green was caught climbing up a wall – of sir Guy of Gisborne’s -with two arrows. Escaping from the castle It so happens to be that lady Marian was On the land at the time. Is this another clue to robins and marians relationship? Well, caught with the eyes of a hawk were a lady with a green hooded man escaping the grand castle of sir guy of Gisborne’s castle. Well we’ll catch up with you later on more news , see you later ,for now cheerio!

  13. As brave as can be sir robin of locks ley also known as Robin Hood has been caught entering the horrible sir guys castle trying to steal some of the richest gold in the whole world but yesterday Sadley he got arrested for stealing golden goods Waite I’m getting some news I carnet believe it he’s broken out of jail and is in hiding now one news where he is .66. Wow I wonder I just wonder if he’ll make it or not or if he’ll get front back in jail for his Intire life or is he just a really good hider in life its elves we’ll find out more next weak by.

  14. Robin Hood has been spotted ascending up the walls of Sir Guy of Gisborne’s castle.

    Robin of Locksley has been seen entering the castle of Sir Guy of Gisborne. It was a bright day for sir guy until Robin Hood forced his way into the secure home. It was one of the best days in sir guy’s life, and it ended dreadfully.
    It was the day of the wedding, of Sir Guy of Gisborne and Lady Marian. There they were leaving the limo, then suddenly Robin Hood burst out of the heavily protected castle gates; he shoved over sir guy and drove off with Marian still in the back seat.

  15. Robin Hood, robbing the rich and giving to the poor!

    In the moonlit sky, yesterday night, Robin Hood, scrambled up his nemesis’ unguarded castle wall, the ungrateful Sir Guy of Gisborne. As he ran through the red carpeted corridors he knocked all the soldiers unconscious, we are guessing he did this by accident… although several guards are in hospital! Sir Guy is furious with Robin because he stole lots and lots of his money! We all know why Robin steals from the rich… to give to the grateful peasants.

    Join us next week for are exclusive interview with Robin Hood!

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