100 word challenge

This week you are to be in role as Maid Marian. Write a secret love letter to Robin to tell him how relieved you were to see him return safely after his altercation with Sir Guy. Express your hopes for the future and any plans you have. Use expanded noun phrases to give added detail. 

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  1. Dear Robin

    I am so happy to see you have returned home safely, I feel secure and safe when you are around. I have had sleepless nights dreaming that the evil Guy of Gisbourne killed you, he was chasing you through the dark enchanted forest with his sword and his dagger at his side. You began to fight and he dragged you to the ground and stabbed you, I could do nothing to stop him. I feared I was going to be captured by evil Sir Guy and forced to marry King John no matter what. Thank goodness I woke up and it was just a nasty dream.

    Now my true love has returned I feel safe and secure once again. I swear I will never leave you Robin. I too want to live in the green wood, marry you and be your queen as you are the king of the forest with your merry men.

    Your sweetheart


  2. Dear Robin Hood,
    I miss you, true love, I really do I hope you come back soon so the two of us have a happy future together….FOREVER! Anyway when me and you reunite we will have no problems because my dear saviour, Robin, has got ridden of that problem by bow and arrowing the target and rescuing the kingdom…all because of you. I wish that me and you have a very, very, VERY happy future but not everything can turn out right. All of this is for you……my dear, important to my heart Robin Hood.
    Your sincerely,
    Lady Marian xxxxx

  3. Dear Robin,
    You make my heart melt and my mouth widen… oh… how much I love you. I was extremely relieved when I recognised you in your disguise (which I have to say looked most astonishingly handsome, if I do say so myself). I do so hope we can be together. I can imagine us living in a castle with children even and married! Your cheeky grin is always on your face, making me a lovely kind lady giggle. Oh I really… truly… do want to marry you. Your heart will always be with me!
    Your loving sincerely,
    Lady Marian

  4. Dear Robin
    I am so happy that you have returned to our town without harm from that cruel Sir Guy of Gisborne, he wanted me to marry him wether I liked it or not. The people of our lovely town are praising you and calling you the hero. I really hope me and you can get together in the future and the true king is said to be returning so that’s good too. No other Saxons will be starving and the cruel Normans are getting chased away.Hopefully all the darkness in the land is gone anyway I hope you can write me a message back.

    Sincerely Maid Marian(the lady who’s in love with you)

  5. Dear Robin,
    Hi it’s me Marian, I just wanted to say are you ok? I heard you and Sir Guy had a fight, I wish he’d just stop trying to kill you. I don’t know why he’d want to kill you I think your kind of handsome and brave. I hope you got rid of him because I think he likes me. I think your bow skills are kind of interesting, could you teach me some skills? I heard you live in the forest, I can come search for you and the hopefully I can become part of your gang. See you soon bye.

  6. Dear Robin Hood,

    I’m so glad you’re back in your furtive tree home. You’re a real hero to all us conquered Saxons! I’m thoroughly irritated by Sir Guy of Gisborne’s actions- he’s a fool! I think he knows I’m frustrated because he keeps attempting to talk to me and the other day, he WINKED at me! Ugh, for goodness sake! Cant he see I’m in love with you! I’d love for you to meet me at the old oak tree on the edge of the forest one time, maybe you could show me your home? I’d like that.

    Love you lots,


  7. Lady Marian
    100 Word Challenge
    Dear Robin,
    I was so relieved to see you alive after your encounter with Gisborne, you are truly my hero. I was hoping that I could see you sometime, not in the greenwood, but in the town, seeing as Gisborne is gone, what do you think? I really didn’t like Gisborne, even though I am going to his funeral. It is a shame that he tried to kill you, why couldn’t he have given some money, he always said, “If only I had a way to shut up Robin Hood, everything would be perfect,” I hope you respond.
    Lady Marian

  8. Dear Robin Hood,
    I just needed to write you this letter and hope it reaches you well.
    I’m so glad that you are back safe from your run in with Sir Guy. Everyone knows what a nasty man he is and I was worried that something terrible could have happened to you. Now I know you are back OK, I can finally tell you how I really feel about you.
    For a long time now I have grown deeper in love with you and its hard to keep my feelings trapped inside any longer. I was hoping you may feel the same.
    Love Marion.

  9. Dear Robin,
    I was just writing to you to say that I…. well it’s hard to say but I… well… Love you!!!!! I would like to go out with you if you let me and if you like me. Trust me I don’t like Gisborne, he just likes me, I hate him, hate, hate, hate. I really hope that you like me, I mean I like you! Your green suit gleaming in the light peering through the ancient trees. Your smile piercing my heart, the way you shoot your arrow making me feel safe and to know we have a brave and courageous protector.
    Your Admirer
    Lady Marian

  10. To my dearest robin

    I love you with all my heart your my only love your the sweetest man I know I would like to run away together we can go far away – away from the sheriff or we could stay in the woods. I’m really excited I cant wait . remember the time we we first met at the contest and you nearly got caught it was so amazing how you escaped. I remember the time we round of into the sunset71 don’t worry I will never marry sir Gibson because your the only one for me and never give up nomater what I’ll never ever forget you because I love you

  11. Dearest Robin,
    You have no idea how extraordinarily happy I am. That threatening situation must have been frightening. I’m talking about that Guy of Gisborne fight that you had. I love having you by my side; it would have been horrible knowing you weren’t with me. Oh, and I can’t wait to see you again Robin. You’re my hero and I really hope our future will go far… Anyway, I am so relieved that you’re safe and it’s amazing being able to know I will see you again soon! I sincerely love you Robin of Locksley…
    Yours truly, Lady Marian.

  12. Dear Robin,
    I am writing to tell you how relived I am that you returned safely back to the village. I have admired you ever since I was passing the forest and I saw you in all green. When I saw you disguised as an old, weary man at the competition knew that I was in love with you! Heroically, you have made many people in England find that little shimmer of hope that maybe they would get their lives back. I hope that one day we could marry and live happily ever after. See you soon.
    From Lady Marien xxxxx.

  13. Dear Robin Hood,
    Guy of gisborn thought of me as his future wife , I was having none of it. I could tell I loved you behind your beard your perfect,lush blue eyes. You made me smile. You didn’t deserve to be launched out of your land.Sp how are you doing , are you doing great?I hope You Are I really do.
    Well I’ll see you soon robin hope you have a lovely time and a great day.
    Love from Made Marian.

  14. Dear Robin Hood,
    I was so delighted to see you’re beautiful face when you returned home safely: you are so lucky that you are still alive. I had terrible nightmares that you were killed by Guy of Gisborne. You’re my hero; I love you,do you feel the same way about me? You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I hope that we could get married some day and have a fabulous family of our own. I can imagine us living in a castle and you being the most handsome king that there has ever been. I hope to see you soon.
    Yours sincerely
    Lady Marian.

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