100 word challenge

Think about what happened at the beginning of ‘The boy in the striped pyjamas’. Write a letter in role as Bruno to explain to your friends why you’ve suddenly disappeared. Comment on how confused you are and how you don’t know what to expect. Say that you’re mortified that you’ll miss your planned summer escapades! Remember to use a great range of synonyms to improve your work. 

 We will share your blog posts before Wonderful Writing next Friday so make sure your blog is posted by Thursday 15th September.

26 thoughts on “100 word challenge”

  1. I wrote it in both English and German…

    Dear Daniel, Martin and Karl
    I am OUTRAGED with my parents; I had to move away from Berlin, to this house called ‘Outwith’. There are no other houses for as far as I can see! I wish I was back in Berlin, this place is horrid, AND we had to cancel our plans for the summer holidays for this dump, it only has three floors! The worst of all is… that… I… am… STUCK HERE WITH GRETEL!! At least her hideous friends aren’t here, especially that monster. I am really confused; I would very much like not being here…

    Lieber Daniel, Martin und Karl,
    Ich bin, EMPÖRT mit meinen Eltern; Ich musste von Berlin entfernt, in dieses Haus genannt “Außerhalb” zu bewegen. Soweit ich sehen kann, gibt es keine anderen Häuser für! Ich wünschte, ich war wieder in Berlin, dieser Ort IST schrecklich, und mussten wir unsere Pläne für die Sommerferien für dieses Loch absagen, es hat nur drei Etagen! Das Schlimmste von Allen IST…, die… I…. bin… HIER STECKEN MIT GRETEL!! Zumindest ihre abscheulichen Freunde Sind nicht hier, vor allem das Monster. Ich bin wirklich verwirrt; Ich möchte nicht hier zu sein…

  2. Dear, all my friends,
    I am sorry to say this but I am leaving Berlin. I know you may be confused, just like I am but who knows it may be for the better. I really don’t to want to leave as we had so many adventures planned. I am mortified! Why do I have to leave my home just because of my dad’s job? In a way I think my dad is a bit selfish as we are always affected by his job. I know this is not like me but I am really scared. I hope to see you in a while.
    Yours sincerely

  3. Dear BFFs

    I’ve had to leave Berlin because of my dad’s senseless job. I don’t know what his job is but I don’t care what his job is, I just want to be home for summer. Grettel says we’ll be in this diminutive house for a few weeks, but Mother says at least a month. I don’t like this house. My room is tiny, it’s situated in a desolate place, and ,the worst part, there is no banister to slide down- can you see how I truly dislike it? I’m sincerely annoyed that we had to move so sudden, mainly because I have to cancel our summer plans

    Hope to see you soon


  4. Dear my much missed friends Daniel, Karl and Martin,

    I wanted to write to you all to try and explain why I have suddenly disappeared. I have moved far away from the city to a funny place called Out-With so my father tells me. He got promoted and is now in charge of this strange place in the middle of nowhere. My father is very strict and I do not like to ask questions. My big sister Gretel is no help either. I am surrounded by my fathers soldiers, it makes me feel scared and lonely with no one to play with. It is so very strange here, I have a barbed-wire fence outside my bedroom window and I can see huts in the distance. The people are all dressed the same I cannot understand it as I do not speak to anyone.

    Miss you all, I will write again soon.


  5. Hi guy’s , sorry i disappeared without telling you. It was because of my fathers job mum says that it is a very important job. I am hoping that i will be back soon i hope fathers job isn’t
    that important. When we where packing to leave i thought that
    my sister was staying at my other house because i know that my mum likes me more then her but she always says that we are both the same. When we came to the new house i noticed
    that it was very quiet and plus it only has two floors i am used to more than that.
    I have to go now time for tee hope everything is ok in Berlin
    from your fried.

  6. Dear
    Daniel, Karl and Marlin,

    Don’t worry I’m okay!!
    I really don’t know where I am and why I’m here but what I do know, is it’s to do with dads job (but I don’t know what his job really is). I hope I’m back soon! I don’t have a clue what’s really going on but my irritating mum wont tell me or Gretel. I’m heartbroken about are plan but I don’t think I’ll be back for the summer. I hope it’ll be about a month until I’m back. Plus Maria needs to get her priorities straight :D!!!

    Your best friend

  7. Hi, this is Bruno,I’m just writing to say that I’m sorry for my unexpected disappearance and I hope I get back to you soon. I have moved to what seems like the country side with not another house in sight. I’m very confused on what is happening and I saw a man in a costume( similar to my dads work costume)come in our new house and that’s just made me more confused. How did our mischievous plans I hope you didn’t get caught. If you get this write back to me ( if you know my address. Sincerely Bruno.

  8. Dear friends,
    The reason I’ve disappeared is because I moved to a place far away for my dads job this place is mysterious, as all the people wear striped clothes at first we thought we where in the countryside our house has a grassy garden but past that is a wasteland. Our house has three floors, a smaller banister it’s a downgrade from our house in Berlin. I can’t even see all of Berlin we have new creepy maids and a soldier even came out of my parents bedroom, at first I was scared.

  9. Disgusted…I was, how could my father want to live in a different country than Berlin! My mum [as hard as it was to say goodbye] didn’t regret anything. Gretel, my selfish sister, was feeling the same as I was, we were HORRIFIED!!! But sometimes there is light at the end of the tunnel? No surely not……but …….maybe…no! My heart was in pieces, I loved our house in Berlin and I don’t think this house will match up to it. Sometimes I wish that my best friends were my family or maybe related to me but it is useless.

  10. Dear Kyle

    Sorry I am not around any more and that means we can’t do our plans like rock climbing , football and tree climbing unfortunately . The house i I am living in now is completely different to the house in Berlin . There is noise because there is a camp there is children , men and grandpas . I miss you to the moon and back I wish I was with you instead of Gretle . When the made was packing she found our spiders 3 of them were gone out of the 7 it was Billy sorry have to go now

    yours Bruno.

  11. Dear friends

    Sorry for leaving with such sort notice but I had to move because my dad got a new job in shouthern Poland but don’t know what job he’s got yet. I hate the house we’ve moved into, its very small I call it the outwith. I’m really missing you guys, there’s no one to play with or talk to just boring old Grettle, she’s still got all them stupid dolls and she’s twelve. She needs to grow up. Don’t worry though I’ll be back soon I’m sertern of it.
    Well I have to go now but I’ll see you soon bye

  12. Dear friends,
    I have moved house but don’t worry I’ll be back soon.
    I’m now living in South Poland, I hate it here.
    apparently its home but I call it Out-With.
    I’m missing you guys so much, its so dull around here, and there is not a single boy, who’s normal anyway.
    Grettle is still playing with stupid dolls and she still thinks she knows everything saying we live in country Side, but we don’t. I’m sorry that all are plans have changed I want to be in Berlin sooo much right now. Anyway guys I’ve got to go now. bye hope I see you soon. xox

  13. Dear best friends forever (Martin, Karl and Daniel),
    I’m OK! Don’t worry. Even though I’m not that sure where I am or why I’m here, I have a horrible feeling about this place. It’s frustrating. I am very sorry for my recent disappearance and no proper goodbye for it. What I do know is that it’s for my father’s job (even though I don’t know what that job is) Mother says its’s VERY important though. My new house ONLY has two floors and it’s SO quiet also I’m alone… with… GRETEL! We’ll return soon?
    From, your best friend forever, Bruno.

  14. Dear friends,
    I’m so sorry to have to tell you but I have moved away from Berlin because of my father’s job I have to leave you and are plans for the summer. I will miss you all so much. The house that I have moved to is called Outwith, it has no banister to slide down and only 3 floors. There are no children to play with and no houses near by, the only person to play with is the hopeless case… GRETEL. My bedroom is tiny and I can’t fit all of my belongings in the draws and there are other servants that always whisper to one another and are very slim. I really don’t like it here I’m so lonely without you guys here to play with. All I can see if I look out of my window is barbed wire and sand everywhere. Gretel thinks we will be here for a few weeks but mother thinks we will be here for at least a month.
    See you soon

  15. Hi it’s Bruno
    My mum just told me that we’re moving house im so Angry it’s the worst I’m still packing so see you later bye.
    Hi I’m back again. We are on the way to the new house. I wonder what it is going to be like. Will there be anybody to play with? Or will it be the worst time of my life? What if we live in the middle of nowhere or even a different country.
    Finally we have arrived. I thought this was a holiday house because it’s so tiny but it’s not, it’s smaller than our old house. Not what we are used to at all.
    I’m now unpacking. My room is smaller now and there is only two floors. My sister is unpacking her dolls, I wish she hadn’t brought them.

  16. Dear,
    Daniel ,Carl and Martin
    Sorry for the unexpected news but my parents have suddenly decided to drag me away from Berlin and I’m stuck in this cramped house, Outwith, for now (I hope). I’m furious that the summer plans we had made have drifted away into nothingness. It’s very unusual here because there are lots of soldiers and other unfamiliar people outside this tiny house. There is not a single secret room in this house although back in Berlin there were many of them. I hope everything is going well back in Berlin without me and I hope I’ll be back soon, bye .

  17. Dear My Bffs,

    As you have all probably realised is that i have moved away from Berlin, and i have moved far away because my dad has a new job (which i am very very angry about!!), we had so much planned for the summer holidays…adventures, playing and having fun… now it is all ruined, now i have nobody to play with, i am so so sorry…

    Hopefully we will see eachother soon

    Bruno :)

    P.S Dont Worry Im OK!

  18. Dear Friends
    I am writing to tell you that I have moved away from my big house in Berlin to a small house many, many miles away. Father says that we may move back to Berlin in the future. Also we will have to put our plans on hold for the summer, Gretel has unbelievably brought very single one of her dolls and put them sitting up on every shelf or window-sill available in the house. Mother said that we had to move because father’s job is extremely important and that means that we must move to this house were nobody ever smiles.
    From your best friend Bruno

  19. Dear Daniel, Karl and Martin,
    I’m sorry that I’ve suddenly disappeared it was a bit of a shock to me too! I am devastated that we won’t be able to do all our summer plans that we were really looking forward to. I have no idea why we have moved, mother wouldn’t tell me, but I know it’s something to do with father’s job. I hope that I’ll see you soon, but I don’t know when that could be. This place is an absolute dump, plus it’s only got three floors! The people here don’t look very friendly they are all wearing grey and white pyjamas and caps. I miss you guys loads!
    From your BFF

  20. Dear best friends I am sorry to say but I am leaving Berlin. I am so sorry this is very sudden and I hope I see you again in the future. The house that I moved into is terrible because there is only 3 floors and no banister to slide down. When I look out my window it looks like a desserted street with only tough, muscly men outside. Earlier today I saw lots of people dressed in the uniform that my dad wears I’m worried and I don’t know what to do. Yours Sincerely Bruno

  21. Dear Martin;Daniel and Karl,
    My heartless dad has put his job first before me again! I…I’m fuming how could he do this, again. He…he’s selfish I’ve had to move far away from Berlin.Gretel thinks we are in the countryside however there is no farm or farm animals.worst of all I don’t have you guys. There’s other boys here they don’t look friendly and they would never replace you you’re my best friends forever. Hopefully I’ll see you soon Grettle thinks maybe only a couple of weeks but mother says More than a couple of months! Bye !

  22. Dear Friends Daniel, Karl and Martin,
    I know this seems to have been a shock to you but in my eyes i can not wait too be home, this place is an utter nightmare! There’s nothing to do and nowhere to go. I am forced to a place with only Gretel to keep me entertained and surrounded by strict unusually dressed men. I know i sometimes consider my dad as selfish but deep down he is very caring and does what’s best for not only my family but our country too. I am devastated about having too ruin our summer plans…

    Yours Sincerely

  23. Dear Daniel ,Martin and Karl
    I was looking forward to doing our plans this summer but unfortunily my parents have decided to move away ,far far away, because of my dads job .My house isn’t as big as my on back in berlin so its small really , I was hoping it will be a short trip but we’ll have to wait and see , i’ll contact u again if were coming back, but that’s not in years, then we can plan ahead .
    I have to go for my tee now see u in the future .
    from Bruno

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