21 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge”

  1. On a lovely winters morning, the birds were singing their sweet little song. The leaves were rustling in the breezy wind, smoke was puffing out of the posh chimneys. Oh and the view you just can’t beat it, the snow is as fresh as some newly bought fruit! The mountains are gargantuan like The Big Friendly Giant. Although it is giant like the BFG it certainly isn’t friendly like it, many people have been victims to that mountain but one person is being courageous and stepping to help the people of China and that person is NATHAN!!!!!

  2. The dark sky leering like a hungry hippo. The amazing, luxurious, green trees swishing and swaying in the long distance between thy other. The beautiful pagodas in the deluxe view of the romantic forest of China. Bridge in China decorated in statues of famous Chinese people. The water rippling in the last glimpse of day light and the outstanding building floating on the clear, peaceful lake. The mountain steepness of the rocky rocks and trees waiting for someone to climb it. In the far, far distance ahead of you the other mountains with a white blanket waiting to be basined.

  3. Delicately, the water would flow across the scene leaving you with your eyes wide open! The great, arced bridge would live above the river. Dancing in the breeze, charmingly, the lush, green grass would tickle your feet as you took in the moment! The mountain aside would add to the picture as well as the tall, soothing trees. Shadows would float across your feet landing on the sight forming calming and comforting illusions! Amazingly, this would also be a lovely place for a quiet picnic, (If you don’t fall in!) You definitely wouldn’t want to miss this pleasant, flavourless scene!

  4. I was sailing gently down the calm river with ripples appearing as I sailed along, the sun was shinning on my face, I was in an extremely peaceful place. I could see the oriental pagoda standing tall on the riverbank and smell the sweet beautiful pink blossom on the trees. The mountains with white tips of snow on the top were in the distance, they seemed to reach the blue clear sky. I was nearly at the bridge where I would leave my boat behind, cross of the arched bridge by foot and begin my journey alone. It was going to be tough but an exciting adventure!

  5. The wind flies thorough the ancient pagodas, they shake in the quick, constant attacks of the deathly cold air, the strong force distorts the beauty of the shrines, turning them into a strange red structure in the middle of a gentle river. They are covering many layers of peace, prosperity and absolute war. The ominous mountains, created giant shadows even masking the tender leaves flying through the humid air, mindless to the pain and suffering that once ruled over this land with deathly cold breath, the scars still noticeable at this time, even though the river sought theses scars erased.

  6. The water trickles like little rain drops running and jumping. Swaying from side to side the trees dance with joy. The birds whistle a peaceful tune and spread it all over the town and give peace to the other animals. Alone, the fountain stands like a scarecrow in a farmers field. Still water reflects like an artists painting a picture of the gray,dull sky. Beutifully designed houses stand out from the swaying trees and the shaking bushes. Snow top mountains stand together in a big huddle creating a nice background for the picture.

  7. A small quiet village were everything is still like statues. There is a big lake calm and clear like a huge mirror. When its warm everyone likes to swim, and splash and they sail their boats on the lake. The village is overlooked by large snow topped mountains watching over like giants and blowing chills across the lake. There is a boathouse lodge in the centre of the lake, an escape from the world. Green trees surround the lake and village offering protection from the mountains icy glare. The bridge across the lake the only link to the outside.

  8. The crisp air takes my breath away as I wander aimlessly in this mystical land. I strole towards an abandoned pagoda. I step inside. CREAK!!!! THUMP!!!! As I look up I see a man with a hood on his head probably to protect his identity.
    “He..he..hello??” I questioned the man. There was no response. So I looked at the sparkling water thinking on what to say next.
    “Who are you and what are you doing here?” I asked cautiously.
    “The d..day has c..come,” a croaking voice bounced back.
    ” Is this what I think it is..is this my………

  9. A long time ago in yishan ,a town in china , there lived a women who had special powers . The old lady lived at the bottom of the volcano next to a lake and a Chinese temple. One day a old man came by the house with a sighn saying ‘ keep in the village ‘ the old women was curios about what it ment.

  10. It is a lovely village in china with lots of trees swaying in the light breeze. There is a beautiful river flowing gently under a white marble bridge and mountains stood up straight as tall as a sky scraper. Amongst the relaxed trees are the amazing Chinese houses which are actually called pagodas, I think that it would be completely different living in one of those houses compared to living in my house! They would probably be massive inside. The clouds look grey with boring, old rain while the river just carries on gently flowing into the sunset.

  11. There are bright green trees, water as clear as the sky ,and a few building in the distance. The mountains are massive big as a giant, a bridge that goes over the troubled water but it is more than a bridge it is a white bridge as a pale as a sick kid.52

    There are flat areas to build the lush green grass that animals graze on, this place is a place people would want to be there is slow drifting water the river banks ooze with mud.A place of adventure where people can see a place of adventure where else to be.

  12. In the little city of Yishan on the edge of China with a long river called the river Ipston flowing through it. Today was different it was not calm and quiet like it usually was, for it was a very special day for today, there was to be a celebration because a young girl or boy was going to be chosen to become the new prince or princess. The question was who was going to be chosen only one girl didn’t want to become a princess and she had two good reasons number one she didn’t need luxuries to be happy and two she wanted to marry for love.

  13. On a mountain nearby a village lay a scaly beast they call the Great Snake. No one would even dare take a single step up that mountain. On one day in the village the peace was shattered when the snake struck. He smashed straight through the mountain and then plunged the village in to darkness. The village now lives in darkness and survives of the rations of their livestock. They also may lose children and the livestock every day. Even the powerful people could not handle the situation. The Elder said to not be scared just ignore the beast but one day something unbelievable happened…

  14. In a peaceful village in China ,there is a
    Mysterious creature under the
    Lake .And the monster is called the squid-opus .
    It has long slimy tentacles and blinding inc
    It is so quick it can go around the world in
    80 seconds and just to add it has
    Terrifying shark like teeth .And it is causing
    Problems for the village because it is gobbling
    All the ships up that are transporting food for money.
    And the village chief has had enough and he wants
    Someone to go and fight it ,I wonder who it will be.

  15. It was a quiet, peaceful, beautiful day. As I woke up in the morning and looked out of my window, the lake was as calm as the sky and I knew the day ahead would be a fantastic one. The setting for my day had picturesque iced mountains in the background and some beautiful buildings ahead. I sat beside the lake and that’s when I got the idea to write a book about the amazing, glamorous lake I see before me. Now all I can really say is, this is where my real adventure starts and will also end.

  16. In China there are big beautiful buildings called Pagodas, some Pagodas are set near mountains with falling snow or freezing, white ice. A Chinese village is small but sometimes friendly (when people feel like it!) China is warm but can get very cold in winter. Sometimes Chinese villages are set near fresh, lush grass and lots and lots of green wildlife area. Most of the Chinese population is Buddhism were men were believe in peace and wear orange robs that are very well stitched.

  17. My scene is that there is a dragon that makes happiness to the world but some people see it as a threat to people and they think that it will kill their children and family so this girl goes out to save the dragon and so the people don’t kill it . The background is set by a peaceful river with trees and flows and the dragon protects the village of dragons and people that are dragon friendly.It also has a girl that is not only a dragon lover but wants to train dragons a show the people that you can love dragons like that girl has shown.

  18. There’s a beautiful lake with a shimmer from the sparkling sun light that has a wonderfull shape on it. In the distance but still in the lake is a little floating thing that looks like a house. There is also a beautiful bridge with pretty patterns on it and there’s lots of amazing looking houses with fancy roofs. There are also mountains but not around there but far away. There’s lots of beautiful amazing trees, some with bright colours on them like green, pink or red some have flowers blooming out of the end, some of them just have leafs.

  19. Miss Taylor
    Some great setting descriptions! I love the use of interesting adjectives and adverbs to add lots of detail, very effective. Well done everybody!

  20. The extraordinary village was in the valley of two mountains. In the heart of the village, a nicely flowing river ran through, making sure the town of Moshin had hygienic water to hydrate the people and keep them clean. A stone bridge was used to connect the left and right area of the town and two pagodas where placed so the town-folk had place of prayer and religion. The place of Moshin was very scenic and tranquil. The village was in a very green place, so, when winter came, the town had wood supplies for their fires. The village was perfect!

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