100 Word Challenge – for Wed 20th April

To link with our work on biographical writing in English, I would like you to write a recount of something unusual that happened to you. Remember to write in first person and try to include some adverbials of time.

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  1. A few weeks ago I was riding my bike home after visiting my grandma’s, it was a lovely sunny Sunday afternoon. When I approached the shops I noticed a police car, and in the distance I could see there had been an accident at the Finger Post. Then all of a sudden there was an extremely loud noise overhead, so I looked up and I saw a red air ambulance circling to land right next to us on the green. It carefully landed and the paramedics dashed out to reach the accident. The helicopter looked huge with giant propellers. Later that week I heard that the man from the accident was alright which was good news!

  2. I was 8 years old when i had my teeth taken out . I had 7 teeth out on the bottom row i had 2 rows at the front and i had 6 teeth out on the 2nd row and on the bottom row as well i had a tooth taken out because i had really bad tooth ache . The day before i was going to have my teeth out i think after 7 o clock i could’t have anything to eat until i had my teeth taken out and because of that i got a macdonalds

  3. In 1968, my grandma and grandad were original ten pound poms which means it cost them ten pounds to go on a boat for six weeks to Australia[ back then ten pounds was quite a lot of money]. This is were my dad was born in Perth. My dad came back to England when he was four. When I was three, I travelled to Australia to see were my dad was born and to see some of my family that stayed in Austarlia. The flight was 24 hours in total to Australia, I couldn’t believe how big the country is!

  4. My unusual event, was on Friday 15th April, my teacher set me a piece of homework, which was hard to think about, because nothing had ever been unusual in my life… until now! Later that night, after a few minutes of hard thinking, my sister (the smart one in the family) had a brilliant idea. At first I was confused, writing about the same homework I was trying to do. That was insane… but on the other hand, there was nothing else to write about, this was truly a difficult situation for me, as you can see my life is boring!

  5. 100 word challenge

    Today I went to gymnastics, yes I know what you’re thinking, sounds really unusual, great this is gonna be fun………NOT! But after my gymnastics class there was a display and I was included! Me and my friends waited for about forty minutes,it felt like ages.Finially we got to practice (only for ten minutes ) we thought that we would get to practice on our own but,as you’ve probably already guessed, the whole room was filled with people staring at you.Luckily the practice went fine and then it was time for the real thing.Now my nerves started to kick off………

  6. Before I was 3 I went to Coniston for a holiday and there was a park near the lake. I went on a rocking horse with a boy. He said nothing, he just went very, very fast on the rocking horse and I wasn’t ready and I wasn’t holding on to the other seat. So I went forward and hit my head on the other seat and I had to go to hospital and wait for four hours to have it glued up. The boy that did it just said sorry and ran off so my dad chased him. After that, I was never allowed on the rocking horse again.

  7. My 100 word challenge

    A few weeks ago, my dad, my sister and I went to the woods by our. Before you can get inside the woods you need to cross over the farm, and when you cross the farm you come across a bucket load of insane chickens! The crazy creatures come right to the edge of the gate and cluck like there is no tomorrow! My dad courageously put his hand inside the gate were the chickens were and touched three, although one spitefully pecked his finger but that didn’t bother my dad! He had grown up on a farm so has had much worse things!

  8. I was 8 months old and my godmother was 16 and called Natasha. It was her prom at high hall and all my family was there to see what she looked like. She picked me up to say hi, and they called all the students to have a picture. When they was about to have the picture she took me on, because she was in a rush and could not put me down in time. The picture went in the newspaper saying ‘teenager takes baby to prom’ so they had to write an apology. Everyone thought that I was Natasha’s baby so we had to tell everyone that she was my godmother and not my mum.

  9. One day my parents said I couldnt play so I just spoke to them and watched telly, soon I got really bored and time passed by slowly, so I tried to pursuade them but it didn’t work. I kept nagging and nagging(this is also what parents do to us)and they eventually give in.Next I ran upstairs as fast as I could but that was silly because before I knew it I slipped and slid down the stairs on my belly.81 My mum said ooh you better lie in bed I was so annoyed that I screamed.”NOOOOOOO!”

  10. When I was 7 I was excited to go to my friend’s farm (William’s farm). Together we both dashed off to explore. Unfortunately, after about 30 minutes I tripped up and banged the back of my head. A few minutes later ,the front of my head started hurting so William’s mum took me home. When I arrived home my mum looked at me in horror – I’d turned a funny colour. She immediately took me to hospital. Whilst there, I fell asleep. Suddenly, I jumped up and I was sick everywhere. A few minutes later, the doctor examined me and confirmed I had concussion. They kept me in for a couple of hours and it turned out I was fine.

  11. Around 3 years ago, I visited the House of Commons in London to attend a party my father was invited to. It was a restricted area, where tourists aren’t allowed to go, to be honest it was the most boring party ever! Near the end of the party there was some excitement though, I got one of those foam hand things, and I had it signed, although it is probably gone now. I and my sister went because my father asked if we could come and the organisers said he could bring us too. It was quite an unusual experience!

  12. About three years ago I went to Alpe d ‘hues ,
    Now in Alpe d ‘hues there is the scariest
    Thing I’ve ever witnessed . I was on
    A coach when I went up a mountain with 21 hair pin
    Bends . These terrifying bends are used in the
    Tour de France . Each bend is named after
    Cycle stage winners in the Tour de France.
    There is a huge drop over the side . At first
    I was terrified but when I got to the top I was
    So relieved .

  13. One Day at school I was in the line ready to go in to class when all of a sudden a seagull had a poo directly in the centre of my head, yes directly in the middle how lucky am I, as they do say muck for luck. It turns out that phrase is true, after that I was realy lucky, I got star of the week. Every day at first break when the seagulls fly over, I always keep an eye on those birds because you are never quite sure what they could do next or what they are thinking.

  14. When I was four years old, I found a marker pen upstairs. My mum was chatting to her friend Joanne and I kept quiet in the bathroom. At first I coloured my hand and then carried on. Soon I was coloured in black, on my arm and shoulder and face and some on my belly. My mum caught me colouring myself in. She made me have a bath, but it didn’t come off. So she used nail polish remover, but it didn’t come off. So she scrubbed it but it didn’t come off. I had to go to school a funny black grey colour.

  15. I have climbed helvelen mountain and have seen my sister (Aimee) run and scream from sheep and there poo. Once I was halfway up my mum, sister, her friend, Alex and myself we had a picnic and after that we climbed the rest of it. Later we had to climb back down and I was in stiches whatching Aimee run and scream from the cute and fluffy animals (sheep) at that time I was eight. I was eight nearly nine and I think my sisters friend (Sophie) was also in stiches laughing. My life isn’t exactly unusual but it is unique.

  16. An unusual event that has happened in my life is when I was about five years old. Me and my sisters, dad and mum went to our family boat. When we got there it was about the afternoon on a boiling, summer day so my father built a swing with rope and wood and tied it over a huge, leaning tree. So, my grip wasn’t very good…So I got on, my sisters pushed me and I went flying… Into the lock. I started swimming back to the shore. I saw a massive fish! (It was big to me…I was small)…

  17. One day I was at my Nanas, I was watching TV. When suddenly out of nowhere a big, fat crow came out of the posh fire place I went screaming to my Nana and screamed out HELP THE WICKED WITH IS COMING FOR ME! ( I was only 5). Nana rushed in to try and catch the crow but she couldn’t do it, so she got my Uncle Paul to do it. He eventually got it in the end he kept in an upside down washing basket. It stayed there for 3 hours I couldn’t take my eyes off it, I know it sounds boring but it was actually really fascinating . We eventually let it fly free but when we looked at the carpet there was loads of bird poo!

  18. When I was a little boy, I was in my bedroom, about to go to sleep and there was some funny lights in my room, I shouted my mum to come and have a look, my mum came upstairs, but the lights had gone, I wondered what they were. My mum went downstairs, and the lights came again….. it was really weird, I didn’t know what they were and they came when my mum was downstairs…… I shouted my mum again, she came up and waited, suddenly the lights came again, I was scared, it ended up being car headlights :)

  19. This is quite unusual for me because usually I’m very shy. One day at school me and my best friend was doing a presentation in front of the whole school! I was nervous at the start when everyone was coming in assembly. Then all eyes were on us. When you start talking and getting into it you start to feel so much better. When we were done everyone clapped and congratulated us both for doing so well and all the teachers were talking about us in the Staff Room. My mum was amazed (and we got star of the week)!

  20. When I was playing football with my mates at school .I broke my toe .I didn’t know that it was broke ,until I went to a&e and had a x-ray . The woman spent 10 minutes looking at the x-ray to see if it was broke. She came back and didn’t know if it was actually broke. So the x-ray team put a big question mark on the x-ray

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