‘Ancient Adventures’ Creative writing competition. 

Don’t forget that if you want your mini saga to be sent to the competition, it will need to be brought into school by Wednesday 18th March. The slip will need to be completed by your parents. Have fun writing your adventure! 

2 thoughts on “‘Ancient Adventures’ Creative writing competition. ”

  1. The Mighty Prince
    The young prince, Theseus, has been trapped by the King of Crete, Scorpius, and challenged to fight a beast, the lion. The fight had started with luck for the powerful beast against the prince, the wild animal had ripped Theseus’s right arm off. Theseus was backed up into a corner, close to leaving this world, but an unlikely ally came to his aid, the strength in his arm. He used it for one almighty punch, knocking the lion off his feet and flying into a wall-some people actually ran away -it stunned him, Scorpius never messed with princes again!

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