100 word challenge 11/3/16

Write a descriptive passage about the image. Include adjectival phrases, parenthesis and subordinate clauses to develop your writing.  


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  1. The icy cold heart of the snow queen is horrid (and can be very gruesome ).She sweeps away children! She makes a horrific army to kill. A special wand turning anything in her path to solid stone. You may think she’s a kind woman at the beginning but you will be surprised ! The glow of green in her eyes means anger! She is full of be trail. She is wicked , wicked and even more wicked !!
    The shiver you have when you meet her is in your heart, your soul, forever it will be there . would you like to meet her ?

  2. There she was. The ghastly, revolting Ice Witch (although she liked to call herself the Queen of Narnia, but that is most definitely not true, of course)! She was wearing the vilest dress; it was completely made out of iron and metal giving it a heavy and nasty look! She also rode on to the battle field in the most royal and grotesque way; she was on a carriage which was pulled by three fierce looking polar bears, all pulling a connote and mean face! Their mouths were open showing both sides of the battle how ferocious she was.

  3. Charging forward, the evil witch (although she calls herself the Queen of Narnia) stood on a very grand chariot, instructing her troops, which was very hard work! Her face was as grim as a grey cloud, her eyes were balls of doom, her dress (which was ridiculously hideous) floated in the air, full of WAR!!! Stood up poised in her icy hand was her staff, one touch of its sharp nip would freeze you alive, froze to the spot – this is something you really wouldn’t have liked to experience! Shaking, her fingers would fiercely grip her weapon, for the battle!

  4. The white witch’s heart is as cold as the winter snow, her evil glare is as sharp as an icicle. The roaring white polar bears pull her along behind them like a speeding bullet – chains rattling and scraping together. The witch’s long hair swishes in the freezing wind trailing behind her. She is a mad and crazy queen looking to kidnap the children, as she thinks they will destroy her. She holds her shiny lance tightly in her right hand, pointing it to whoever she wants to change into ice. The white witch leaves a trail of frozen terror behind her!

  5. The Polar Bears have white fur coats as pale as a sick child, The Snow Witch has a lion mane around her neck ,which is from Aslan’s mane. The Bears are as strong as a storm, with giant jaws they will march if their master says so. The blizzard is as thick as a solid lump of rock- You would not want to get caught in the blizzard

    The trees could fall with a giant rumble, don’t get trapped underneath. The spear is as shiny as a diamond and strikes its enemies in haste, don’t get stabbed keep your eyes peeled.

  6. The Ice Queen is an evil power- seeking woman who will stop at nothing to get it.She sometimes turns her prisoners into sculptures and destroys them, she doesn’t like Aslan or any of the children and she would trick any of them just so she can kill them. The Ice Queen has a caridge that is pulled by polerbears(three to be exact). Although, she is evil, she has great hair it must have taken a while. She has servants that she makes drive her caridge and do her dirty work. The Ice Queen is horrible and extremly mean.

  7. The Ice Queen’s frozen touch could freeze any man’s soul. Her carriage was towed along by four mindless beasts completely blind to the destruction and hatred that surrounds them shouting “Open your eyes! See the world around you! Don’t you see? You’re killing innocent creatures!” But the ice cold influence of the Ice Queen was enough to corrupt the good hearts of creatures. Beings on her side have innocence in their hearts but ice on the exterior. The Ice Queen manipulates the appearance and uses them, absorbing the power within them, for acts of unimaginable evil across a fractured world.

  8. The witch, who calls herself ice queen of Narnia, is on the sledge with the white, roaring pole bears, are pulling the evil, selfish monster along for battle. Her long mane, she slaughtered from Aslan, while killing him from skin to bone, across her front, with a rather large smirk on her face. Getting ready for battle. Steadying her troops to kill the kings and queens of Narnia so she could rule, thinking that she has killed Aslan, King Peter the magnificent, Queen Susan the gentle, King Edmund the just and Queen Lucy the valiant. With her and Peter’s troops ready they began their fight for their lives.

  9. The ice queen freezing breath could freeze any soul, her
    Chariet towers over everyone her staggered eyes will
    Frighten anyone who walks in front of her ( if people
    Would even dare) . She has a wand -like a dagger , that
    Turns anything to stone . Her seaquin dress as blue as
    The sea . Her roaring,giant polar bears will crush
    Everyone . Her fierce , scary army (not the moats powerful
    Army ever ) but still powerful and will scare people to death
    (Now don’t get me wrong they are so scary ,terrifying,grotesque).

  10. 100 word challenge
    The Ice Queens heart is frozen with pure evil, she calls herself the Queen of Narnia but the citerzens of the the world think that she is just a big headed lunatic. She has three polar bears to carry her chariot, the dreadful woman tries to kill all the humans that enter their world. The Ice Queen builds an army to fight the good people, don’t worry the goodies win! The queen is like a witch,she can make anything you want appear on the ground, but at first she tries to make you her friend but then she betrays you.

  11. The terrifying ice queen (the ice witch) that is more frightening than the boogie man. She is evil, monstrous and very horrid. He powers are that strong she only has to look at someone and they turn to ice. She pretends to be nice (but she doesn’t do a very good job of it). She is good at fighting and being horrible. The ice queen is not very fashionable, she must not have a nice wardrobe. She can make anything happen but does not seem very keen to change things for the better. She needs to meet a prince who would warm her heart.

  12. The wicked Ice Queens winter can make anybody frozen solid (you may think it could melt but no). The Ice Queen wears a ghastly metal dress, which makes her look really vicious. She could literally freeze a mans soul in a millisecond! Her frosty sledge was pulled along by an evil, mindless beast. She lives in a spine tingling ice palace- a bit like Elsa’ castle. She lives in Narnia and wants to kill Aslam the feircest lion of them all.

  13. The polar bears, who can shot ice nova, are white .the ice queen (who turns people into stone) has a staff . The polar bears -which are fierce -they eat anyone who stands in there way. The weather is as white as a cotton blanket . the polar bears are soft like a pillow

  14. The Queen rages with heart trembling fury. The carriage moves across the land as fast as can be. BANG as the carriage hits the bumps- eventhough the Queen is not scared, She sways in the cool breeze. With no sight of glory she carries on into the doom world upon her frozen heart. Personally i think she is a dreadful- but annoying-monster.The angry polar bears rise and run furiously to the end of eternity.

  15. The Ice Queen’s hair is crisp, cold with a frozen, luminous dress to match. Fierce polar bears pull her around in a spiky sleigh. Her heart is as cold as her wand/sword that freezes people on touch. So ghastly, (like her little kind of minions that follow her orders) she kills if someone disobeys the rules that she’s made ,because she thinks that she’s the Queen of Narnia. She is a disgusting, all powerful woman that believes she is better than anyone else. She tricks people into doing her mean, evil bidding. Overall the Ice Queen is just super gruesome!

  16. There She Was….
    The ice queen (well she says she is) her freezing cold heart. She has three polar bears carrying her chariot. The polar bears are fierce! (Just like the ice queen)
    The evil queen has blonde hair, with an evil looking look, in the background it’s snowing. The slowly drops to the ground, gently, not like the ice queen. She’s evil. I would definitely not like to meet her – would you?

  17. The ice queen is one of the most horrible queens that has ever lived and doesn’t like anyone who doesn’t obey her. She is a character you wouldn’t want to meet especially when your in her kingdom a cold freezing cold world where everyone is turned to stone / ice. She is the most cold hearted queen in the whole of Narnia. In the first moment she meets you, you are already turned to stone. The queens heart is frozen to the core and as evil as a troll her hair is long and white and her attitude is filled with rage.

  18. The ice cold snow queen is a character who you wouldn’t want to meet . she is a horrible person because she wants to be the queen of Narnia but she can’t because Aslan the king stops her .The queen wants to be the ruler of Narnia .She also can turn people into stone/ice , no one likes the queen because she is a mean horrible woman .The queen wears a huge bushy jacket made out of fox or wolf skin ,she rides a chariot pulled by three polabears . She has a minion what gives her everything she wants.

  19. The ice queen looks like a cold blooded character and also blood thirsty because the polar bears look very vicious .Her staff looks very pointy and it turns people into ice! Her hair looks like a pile of ice snakes. The skull on her head shows she kills a lot of animals from her anger. The teeth on the polar bears are very sharp and look like knives. The ice around her looks like she is very angry and she can create snow and ice storms. The chains on the polar bears show they are very vicious and cold blooded to

  20. The ice Queen rode through the icy lands with her diamond padded chariot and her eyes shone with fury as she got to the mountains, she was ready to fight, army to army, King to Queen, they all rose their swords and bows ready to fight. She ordered her army to charge and they did so, she rose her spear and then shot icy bolts from her mini chariot base. Her cape flew in the wind and her armour shone in the moonlight, Who would win, they clashed their swords and rose their shields, the winner would be decided shortly.

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