English lesson – Dialogue

Write a short persuasive text between Luke and Ramona, trying to get her to come down the mountain. Use your role play to help you. Check your dialogue punctuation carefully. 

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  1. Luke told Ramona you must over come your own fear.
    Ramona replied ” I can’t come down the mountain their are trolls, the witch, the bear, the unicorn and the brambles, I might tear my expensive dress.”
    ”Ramona please I don’t want to travel with out you , you are my light I love you.” Luke explained ” Do you really want to stay here and wait for even longer to have another suiter come rescue you.”
    ”Of course I don’t you know it it’s just I’m really scared of what, might, happen.”

  2. “Come on Ramona, I haven’t got all day. Just make up your mind already; I can’t do that for you!” Luke protested patently.
    “I mean I’d love to but… I can’t! I’m too scared and what about my dress! It will be torn! I can’t be looking like you!” Ramona hesitated.
    “How do you think I got up here Princess? I can take us down again! I can get us down again, I promise!” Luke replied. He continued “And anyway I can get you a new dress and protect you!”
    “The bear though, and that nasty, old witch, and the hideous trolls! How on Earth will we get down alive!?” Ramona sputtered, afraid.
    “Look, Ramona, you’re beautiful like a roaring sunset, and I need a companion for my travels, but if you don’t come now I’m leaving by myself!” Luke muttered disappointed.
    “Well… I, Goodbye Luke!” Ramona cried quietly, as Luke walked out the castle gate with a moaning face.

    1. Super work, Molly! Remember to use a comma before speech in the middle of a sentence. You also don’t need a capital letter if the speech is continuing.

  3. “I am too frightened to go, I am not like you, there’s all sorts of creatures down there!” exclaimed Ramona. “What are you so scared about? If I can do it, you can do it, just believe!” bellowed Luke. Luke explained how he got up here and how he was planning to get down, but Ramona was more bothered on how she was going to end up looking! (Luke had a very tough time persuading her) “You’ve been trapped in here for a very long time, waiting for someone to rescue you and now you are turning them away, do you really want to be trapped here for even longer, Ramona?” questioned Luke! Ramona replied, “What if you make it down the mountain, but I don’t, what if that happens?” “Ramona you have to believe that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to, don’t you want to explore the world, don’t you want to live a normal life? Believe in yourself and come with me!” cried Luke. After a lots of persuading Ramona came down the mountain with Luke and they went exploring!

  4. “ Come on Ramona I am not waiting all day for you,” said Luke impatiently.
    “ But it might tear up my floral dress , it is my favourite,” replied Ramona anxiously.
    Ramona crossed her arms ,she was only going down that mountain on one condition……
    “A new dress please just in case I tear up my frilly dress,” exclaimed Ramona.
    “I am sorry, Ramona but I just stay forever I will get you two new dresses if you come down the mountain with me,” said Luke cautiously.
    Alright, alright I will do it,” said Ramona courageously. Now everything was PERFECT…..but not for long…….

    1. I love how you left it on a cliff hanger, it’s probably going to annoy me, one of the lines doesn’t make sense though.

  5. “Come on Ramona, I have climbed all the way up this mountain for you, does that not mean anything to you?”
    As Luke spoke Ramona felt guilt,
    “I want to come with you, but its, its-“
    “What is it Ramona?” Ramona hesitated, she didn’t want to say.
    “What if my dress rips? What if I get attacked by the Black Bear or the Waggle-Tooth Witch or even the Trolls of Tiddly Crag?” Ramona knew this wasn’t a valid excuse. “What if that happens? I don’t want my dress to rip, it is my favourite!” Exclaimed Ramona
    “That’s what you’re worried about?!” Luke was spiralling out of control, “I mean, I can buy you a new dress as good as that one!” but Ramona knew he didn’t have any money. So, Luke set off by himself. His own adventure.

  6. “Please will you come down the mountain, I need you for company,” explained Luke.
    “But there is a witch, Trolls ,a black bear and a Giant Unicorn” replied Ramona.
    “I have beat all of them I kissed the witch I made the trolls explode and the bear likes food” said Luke proudly.
    “Luke, I think kissing the witch was the worst thing you’ve done, she does not deserve you!” exclaimed Ramona
    “Please come on the adventure we will be content” Luke begged.
    “I’ll rip my dress because of the brambles,” said Ramona worrying.
    “I will burn the brambles ,” Luke said calmly
    Then they set off down the mountain and defeated the monsters but they never saw the Wolves Of Black Fen, luckily.

  7. Come down now!” yelled Luke.
    “No,” because I might tear my limited edition dress. The mountain got steeper and steeper each step.
    “I’ve not got all day ,” puffed Luke.
    “I’m not coming,” Ramona replied.

  8. “Ramona please come with me,” Luke asked politely, “I would love it!”
    “I don’t want to ruin my dress, “Ramona replied, “It’s my favourite, “she giggled.
    Luke hesitated for a moment before he replied. Luke answered, “But you’re so pretty you don’t need a dress, we could always buy you another dress?
    “I suppose so,” Ramona said sorrowfully.
    She didn’t want to tear her dress but she was desperate to go an explore the world with Luke, who was very handsome.
    She thought what if another man can’t get up after all
    She decided with a long wait that she would travel the world with Luke !

  9. Ramona and Luke

    “Someone ha make it up the mountain, and he’s quite handsome!” Ramona whispered to herself, “Despite the strong smell of garlic. Ramona walked to meet Luke.
    “Come on Ramona, what are you doing? We need to go, it’ll be dark soon?” exclaimed Luke.
    “I really appreciate that you could make it up the mountain, but it’s- it’s……”
    “It’s what Ramona?” asked Luke.
    She took a deep breath and replied “I might rip my dress, and all the creatures that are down there I might get hurt, how will you explain that to my mum and dad?”
    “If we go around the world we will be sure to get some money and soon as I do, I will get you two dresses that better than one, and I have took care of all the creatures. The king troll has exploded so they are hiding. The bear is eating food, and the witch, well she will blush soon as she sees me, so you are find.”
    “Ok I will come with you, as long as I do get my two dresses when I get there?”

  10. “But what if my dress rips?” Ramona whined -in a voice you couldn’t resist but listen to
    “It will be an adventure with me that’s what you want right?” Luke murmured (Ramona was not buying it).Hesitantly Ramona answered, “Yes I really do but what about my family I will miss them so dearly,” at this point Ramona was running out of excuses
    Luke hastily replied,” It will de so much fun exploring the world!”
    “All my clothes will be ruins,” replied Ramona.
    “I will keep you safe,” said Luke encouragingly

  11. “Oh Ramona please come with me and we both can explore the world together!” Luke explained.
    “But what about all the creatures down there and I might tear my pink beautiful dress” Ramona said anxiously.
    “Please, who cares about the dress we can get you lots more dresses even prettier than the one you are wearing and your so beautiful you don’t need a dress”
    She really wanted to go with Luke but she was really worried.
    “Hmmm.… I don’t know”
    At this moment Luke was quite bored about her just talking about herself so he decided to go and leave her to overcome her fears.
    “Wait! I will come!”
    Luke and Ramona set off down the mountain and explored the world together.

    1. A very thoughtful account of the event, with great ideas! Remember to put punctuation inside inverted commas, before you close them.

  12. “Oh Ramona, tell me why you won’t come up the mountain,” pleaded Luke,
    “There are so many things down there that I can’t bear to face!” sobbed Ramona, she was desperate to get away from the dungeon (AKA the castle), but just couldn’t get her dramatic, beautiful head around her fears!
    “But I would look after you, we’ve smooched and I’ve got to know you well, so now you’re going to throw it all away because of a few fears!” Luke dearly wanted to own the hand of the appealing Ramona, but he couldn’t overcome her fears, she needed to do it herself.
    “I know but what about the brambles and the Waggletooth Witch and the dragon of doom and the Giant Man Eating Unicorn That Nobody Had Ever Seen?” alleged Ramona
    “I’ve handled them, why wont you just face your fears, besides, I will be by your side the whole way,” besought Luke,
    “Well, but, fine, but you are not leaving my side once!” and they roamed away cheerfully!

  13. “Come on Ramona we haven’t got all day,” exclaimed Luke.
    “There are witches who will turn me into a frog, bears that will eat me and brambles that will tear my dress,”. Ramona added. Luke stood there bored
    “I’ll buy you a new one,” said Luke
    “Were would you get the money,” said Ramona
    “If I can’t find the money I’ll make you one,” said Luke cheerfully ( even though he was getting out of patience)
    ” either come down now or I’m going on my own,” yelled Luke.
    “I’ll come with you on one condition,” said Ramona
    “What’s that then,” grumbled Luke
    “Stop eating garlic,”exclaimed Ramona.

  14. Super work, just be colourful on your grammar and how you asked why Ramona wouldn’t come up the mountain instead of down.

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