100 word challenge 2-3-16

Write about your favourite book or book character, using parenthesis to add extra information. 

43 thoughts on “100 word challenge 2-3-16”

  1. My favoroute book is Beast Quest Ferno the fire dragon

    This book is about a kingdom called Avantia.There are six beasts protecting the kingdom ,but a wizard -not a very nice one- puts a curse on the beasts.Tom,Elener,silver and storm are the main charactors.Tom had to free the beasts and on his way he met the others(it coud have been worse).I like this book because it has lots of cliff hangers,there exiting, the books that the auther wrote are all about beasts (and there all awsome).I think others will like this book both girls and boys.

  2. My favourite book is Charlie and the Chocolate factory Because of the wacky and fun character (Charlie,Willy Wonka,Mike Tv and Umpa Lumpas). I love the illustrations because they are so colourful and so compact. The author (Roald Dahl) is my favourite author by far, I think his books are the best. He uses great adjectives and adverbs he uses personification and parenthesis a lot and that is what I love about his books. The book is great because of the creativity Roald Dahl puts in to it. The alliteration he used this is why I love Roald Dahl books.

    1. This is a very good account but I think you need to read back through what you have put before you post it as I found that some things didn’t make sense. On the other hand you used a great amount of punctuality and I really enjoyed reading it and would definitely go out and buy the book after reading your description:-) Well done

  3. My favourite book is ‘Lucy The Poorly Puppy’ by Holly Webb. The book is about a girl (Lauren) who wants to keep one of her pet’s puppies. Throughout the story, Lauren tries to persuade her mum to keep the cute, fluffy puppy called Lucy – who was born smaller than the other puppies and caused Lauren lots of concern!

    My best-liked character in this book is Lauren, because she believes in Lucy and herself no matter what – even if there was a chance she wasn’t going to keep Lucy! To find out what happens, you will have to read the book yourself!

  4. My favourite book is Beast Quest, there are lots of series to read, It is about a hero called Tom who protects a city called Avantia. On his first quest he was wandering with his horse called Storm (a black stallion),on the way he met a girl called Elenna who owns a wolf called Silver, Elenna asks what he was up to he wasn’t allowed to tell but he did and she joined him.

    If you want to find out if he dies or lives your going to have to get these brilliant books-Tom never gives up, never.

    1. Well done! Great report ! I will definitely consider getting these books . You could try to put different punctuation instead of full stops. For example, exclamation marks.

  5. My favourite book is Dirty Bertie

    There are lots of Dirty Bertie books in the series (written by the author Alan MacDonald). Bertie is the main character and is my favourite. He is a boy full or crazy ideas and madcap plans. He has lots of disgusting habits, like picking his nose! If there is trouble Dirty Bertie is right in the middle of it. My favourite is Dirty Bertie Mud! The first story is the best, it’s about Bertie playing football. His teacher Miss Boot was bossy and she made them train outside in the cold and Bertie hated it, he preferred to watch it. Eventually he discovers his position and ends being the hero!

    1. Great use of punctuation. Read back through the report as I found that some of it didn’t make sense. Very well written though.

  6. My favourite book is Dracula (you may think it is scary, but really, it isn’t), the characters are Count Dracula- the book’s namesake- and Jonathan Harker -you only hear about these characters in Jonathan’s diary, it alternates between characters in different chapters of the book. It was written by Bram Stoker in 1897. It is set in the Carpathians, northern Romania, central Transylvania, Castle Dracula. I haven’t read the whole book yet, but I do know what happens at the end of the book. Dracula escapes to London, and gets chased all over England- now that, is a waste of time.

  7. my favourite book is Charlie and the chocolate factory because of the fun and wacky characters, Charlie bucket , willy wonka, old grandpa and lost’s of different characters. This book has really colourful illastrations , I think Roald Dahl is by far the best author because he uses lots of punctuation

  8. Favourite character
    My favourite character is called Fred –who likes video games- and he gets himself into all sorts of mess with his sister (Ellie) when he finds a remote what can control people. Fred always wanted to be on the school football team, his dream finally come true when his sister controls him for the Bracket Wood and Surrounding Area inter-school winter trophy. I like him because he is a funny character who likes everything and always has a good plan in very desperate situations like going back to the place he found the controller when its broke.

    1. great report ! I am guessing this book is person controller . Go back through the writing and make sure everything makes sense. well done !

  9. My favourite book is Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Old School, it is about a boy-Greg-whose Mum goes crazy and she persuades the town council to turn off the power so Greg has to try and earn money and respect but things just get worse.

    It is a realy funny book and I would recommend it to older childeren because some of the vocabulary can be hard to pronounce.It is a book that makes you think what happens next and it makes a realy good image in the readers mind.

    1. great report ! well done . Go through the writing as I found the last couple of lines of the first paragraph didn’t make sense.

  10. My favourite book is “Action dogs” because it is a fun and energetic book it makes you grit your teeth A LOT!! Action dogs are a group of friends and they try and save the world from Katmanchew and his sidekick Katnip [it is basically cats vs dogs]. The author of these books are Steve Barlow and Steve Skidmore. I recommend this book to everyone, the age group is about seven to twelve. All books come with four free game cards [so you can play top trumps].My favourite action dog book is danger on the ice[all of them are great though]I LOVE THEM!!!!!

    1. Great report ! I would recommend these books as well . I have only read one and I love them too ! I cant say anything to improve on ! well done !

  11. My favourite book is diary of a Wimpy Kid The Ugly Truth
    Diary of a Wimpy Kid is a book about a boy called Greg he has a mum and dad and two brothers. Greg has a best friend called Rawley.
    I have all the diary 0f a wimpy kid books . I have read books 1,2,3, and i am on book four . My favourite book out of all the books have read so far is diary of a Wimpy Kid Dog Days. I recommend these books for girls and boys and ages 9 to 15.

    1. well done ! Read back over your writing as I found some of it didn’t make sense on the other hand you did a great repot !

  12. My favourite book is Goosebumps because their are characters who aren’t who they say they are e.g Mr Shiver is actually R.L Stine. He has to team up with two boys one is the, new neighbour and one boy is called Champ(actually Champion) and his real or unreal daughter Hannah. They have to team up with the High school to defeat the living dummy( Slappy) and his monsters from taking over Madison because if they did they would be able to take over the world.
    My favourite character is Slappy because he is funny and mysterious and sneaky.

  13. 100 word challenge
    My favourite character is Harry Potter because he is extremely brave and courageous -if I were him with all those things going on I would already be dead! Harry is a wizard who goes to Hogwarts School of magic with his friends Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley (they’re witches and wizards too). Harry is supported in whatever he does by a giant of a man called Hagrid, a man called Dumbledore (the headmaster of Hogwarts) and of course his friends. Other pupils of Hogwarts believe that he is the chosen one, except his arch enemy Draco Malfoy.

  14. My book is Grandpas Great Escape ,the best book ever ! The two main characters are Jack ,who is very interested in planes, and Grandpa, who thinks he is in war. Grandpa starts getting in trouble by trying to get in army planes. Grandpa gets spotted and gets sent to an evil old folks home. Jack, his Grandfathers best friend, wants to break out Grandpa although his mum and dad does not know! Jack’s Grandfather breaks out all of the dumb old folks but later on he sets the old folks place on fire! Would you want to read this (amazing) book?

  15. My favourite book character is Lucy Willow- from the book Lucy Willow!

    Lucy Willow is a 9 year old girl with a magnificent power, she has green fingers! Lucy can make plants grow ten times faster than normal!

    As well as a magnificent power, Lucy Willow also has a magnificent personality! If Lucy’s body was transparent (although it’s probably better that its not), then her heart would be glowing like gold consistently!

    The funny thing about Lucy is that she lives on a train, with her younger brother (Zac), her mum and her dad! The other peculiar thing about Lucy is that she has a pet snail called Ernest who she loves!

  16. My favourite book is The Wacky book of Witches. My
    favourite character is Jocasta Spell. The book tells you about different places in Cackle Town. The pictures are amazing (and there is lots of spooky poetry). The book shows us
    how a witch gets ready in the morning to how
    they party at night time. They even go to school and sing in a choir.
    On each page you have to read the words that go in all different directions – even backwards! and you have to find an elf wearing a
    mask with a glove that looks like a monsters hand.

  17. Harry Potter

    Harry potter is a young boy who attends a school called Hogwarts. The head teacher is called Dumbledore and is a good friend of Harry’s. While his godfather is in hiding from the ministry for magic and his friends (Ron and Hermioney) are at school with Ron’s siblings (Fred, Gorge and Ginny). Harry- as you may be aware- has a scar that the dark lord himself gave him, obviously he didn’t mean to give it to him. The story behind his scar is lord Voldamort wanted to kill Harry’s whole family to become the ruler of the world. Harry’s mother cast a spell to protect her son and it rebounded onto himself. He almost died!

  18. My favourite book is ‘ Demon Dentist ‘ it is about a boy called Alfie who was scared to brush his teeth and go to the dentist because the dentist once pulled out the wrong tooth ! This book is wrote by the one and only David wallis so , he is very funny , he wrights children’s books . I would recommend this book because of the humour and also because the book uses great words what we can use in our writing ! I love this book , it is great ! what an amazing book .

  19. My favourite book is Mr Stink because it is humorous but also serious at times .The main characters are Chloe and Mr Stink. Chloe is the daughter of Mrs Crumb (or as she would say Croooooooomb). Mr Stink is a tramp but Chloe invites Mr Stink to stay in there Garden shed. When he Crumb family interviewed by their local news Mr Stink appears on the camera the Prime minister has a few second thoughts about his future in the election. Chloe lives with her perfect, spoilt sister Annabelle, who is the perfect and who gets all the attention. My favourite character is Annabelle because I like her attitude.

  20. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
    My favourite book is Charlie and the chocolate factory because it’s very interesting. It’s about a poor boy age 10 who wants to get the golden ticket out of a chocolate bar! One day he had bought a bar of chocolate the golden ticket was there in his hands – this golden ticket will take you to WillyWonkas chocolate factory- Charlie was so happy at this moment. The day finally came (Charlie felt quite nervous) He met 6 children they weren’t nothing like Charlie, they were mean, They all did something that they shouldn’t have done and got lost. Then Charlie wins.

  21. The Tail Of Emily Windsnap

    The tail of Emily Windsnap is a mermaid/merman mystery adventure book. The main character is Emily Windsnap (as you can probably already tell from the title) and her friend Shona Silkfin. I really like it because it is about two mermaid’s adventures -I love mermaids and adventure books so this is good for me. The thing that keeps me reading it is that it leads up to a huge event each chapter and keeps ending it with cliff hangers. I would recommend this to anyone but I think it is mostly aimed at +6 girls.

  22. Woeful Second World War
    My favourite book is the horrible history’s woeful Second World War –even though it’s gruesome. The German party leader Adolf Hitler he killed his own wife, dog and finally himself (how weird is Hitler).The Dads Army one of them was cleaning his barrel of his shotgun and shot is wife and they barred her were it happened, which is in the bathroom, how stupid is he .A fourteen year old who signed up for the home guard and he missed school every day for training with the home guards( how brave is he ) I would recommend this book to ages nine to nighty

  23. Charlie and the chocolate factory

    There was a boy called Charlie Bucket.
    He was a very poor boy (but he knew that he was poor.)
    One day there was tickets to go to a great chocolate factory what shut down years ago.
    He buys a chocolate bar , and he finds a golden ticket .
    He went to the factory with his grandpa-they was so exited.
    And off they went.
    The man who rules the factory was called Mr. Willywonka.
    Charlie and his grandpa wasn’t the only people who was going, there was 5 other children.
    Charlie was the last person.
    Willy Wonka invited Charlie to stay with him, but he said no because he wanted to stay with his family.

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