What do you know about Queen Esther? What made her such a special woman? What qualities did she have? 

6 thoughts on “Esther”

  1. Esther is very special because she went in front of the king without being summoned ,she could have been killed but the sceptre was held up! Also Esther was very selfless, caring and courageous, she wasn’t selfish because she had everything, she cared for her cousin and the whole of the Jews. When she went in front of the king, Esther told him about Hamon’s evil plan and the king hung Hamon then Esther’s cousin took his place.

  2. Esther was a very loyal woman, she stood for what she thought. She helped others and never gave up, this showed great determination. Esther was true to her word, I wish I could have been alive to see her story.

  3. Esther was a selfless woman and she was a wonderful person and she was always helpful. She had grown up with her cousin because her parents died. Esther entered a beauty contest to be the new queen and won. The King crowned her that day. Her cousin told her about a plot to kill the King and all the Jews. She told the King and he saved the Jews. She was a Jew but kept it a secret like mordecai being her cousin was. A court man wanted to kill her cousin but because he helped save the King before she persuaded them to leave him alone.

  4. It is very true Esther was a very loyal woman and without her the Jews would have been persecuted and her loyalty to The Lord was amazing .She is an amazing role model.

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