100 word challenge 27-1-16

Create a descriptive piece of writing about the Highway man using imagery and figurative language.  


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  1. The Highway man has gloomy eyes filled with suspicion and a mask to cover his identity. His silk coats dance across the waves of wind as elegantly as a feather falling, while his black horse gallops along the cobbles! The Highway man is loyal to his job and can’t wait to become wealthy from his job, as a robber of rich families. His face (the part that is showing) brings fear to every loaded person in the village and his high hat is very attention drawing. The Highway man is a ghost you would never want to mess with. EVER!!!

  2. The Highway Man stands at the side of the road, his rapier brandished high. His grin is full of malice, he robs the rich whilst he does this he says “stand and deliver, your money or your life!” The Highway Man has a black coat and jumps out at the unwary travellers, by doing this some would say he is called a hero by the poor by . His robe whips around him in the wind making him look intimidating and his mask is scary and stops him from being known. he rides his horse in the black of night.

    1. Well done, Joseph, I like how you said what he said, ” stand and deliver, your money or your life” and how you said how his grin is full with malice. Next time, maybe you could use a simile or a metaphor.

  3. The highway man is very dark and mysterious with a mask covering his face so you cannot recognise him. You can just see an evil twinkle in his eyes waiting to attack the next unlucky person to pass by. He rides a large dark elegant horse over the lonely roads and moorlands waiting to rob the rich stagecoaches of their precious jewels and money.
    He wears a French cocked hat and a velvet coat with long black leather boots past his knees. If I had lived in the days of the Highway man, I would not like to meet him he scares me!

  4. He is a villain and a horrible thief. He looks mean, is malicious, terrifying and frightening. The highway man wears a big fluffy hat, carries a pistol and wears a mask to hide his identity. He rides a black horse to match his clothes and he can ride really fast.
    He chases people in their carridges and steals from them. Most people hate him because he steals from them. He does not care if they are normal people or royalty he will stop their carridge and hold his pistol up and shout “stand and deliver, your money or your life”.

  5. The highwayman is a robber who goes around stealing gold and money from the rich. It looks like he is a ghost wearing a mask and he holds a pistle around with him and is the best at using it. He wonders around the highway waiting for rich people to come. He carries a rapier in his belt as the light of the night shines up on him and wears a red, velvet jacket and wears a bunch of lace at his throat. His boots were up to the thigh, while he rides, rides, rides on his horse.

  6. The Highway Man was a terrifying character. His eyes were like snakes eyes; sly and evil waiting to strike at his prey. His mask as dark as the night sky covers his land of secrets. The Highway Man gallops on his horse through the moonlight to claim the treasures of the greedy. His gun points steadily at the victim who is now paralysed with fear. After claiming his fortune, a trail of dust is all that is left. The spirit of the Highway Man now lurks around the highways. Remember NEVER travel alone with your treasures!!!

  7. The highway man rides with his squinty eyes with his mask over his nose.
    A big posh hat, a coat laced with golden thread.A musket at his hand
    Pointed at the moon. Boots with many diamonds encrusted
    A gargantuan Spanish stallion like a bull with small pointy ears
    And big,powerful legs twenty four carrot gold stirrups. A smooth stretchy
    Saddle with the reigns tight around the neck of the horse .
    A main like a bush .The powerful,bulky horse rides to the old inn
    Door as quick as a flash ,as the towns old people say ,of London.

  8. The Highway man is an accident waiting to happen! He has a mask to cover his cruel face and his identity. He was a truly horrid man before he met a beautiful woman named Bess. She was the landlord’s daughter and her eyes were dark fields of love. The Highway man loved the elegant Bess. He was wanted by lots of people and the mercenary soldiers started to notice that the smitten Highway man cherished the ravishing Bess. Sneaky as could be they tied Bess up and carefully placed the musket under her breast. The courageous Highway man came riding to save her, but she fearlessly warned him with her death.

  9. The highway man came riding, his black bandana covered his fearsome mouth and the shadow from his dark black hat covering his shimmering eyes. His red cloak blows in the Wind, his white lace at his throat and his cape takes off as he slowly rides on his brown, armoured horse with its dark eyes. He gazes into thin air, then he finds a lady, not a normal lady, a beautiful women with elegance. She platted a long love knot into her long black hair, he knows that he was in love, at first sight.

  10. The Highwayman is a ticking time-bomb! At times he can be sly, eerie, unreliable and deceitful. He is always as mysterious as a fox and as silent as one of them as well. He has a mask to hide his warped mind and his cruel identity. He love is Bess, the landlords black-eyed daughter. King George sent out soldiers or mercenaries to kill him, so he will not steal from any rich people any more. He wears a red velvet coat with a French hat over his mask. His mount is a large, bulky and ghostly figure of a stallion.

  11. The Highwayman is a mysterious man,he has tiny blue eyes like slits.The Highwayman has a wine red silk waistcoat that matches with his dowey ,brown skin.He is ghostly and reminds me of a murderer because he has a mask to cover his identity.The Highwayman has a fancy hat with a feather on top of it.He is not the only ghostly one , his horse is bony and bumpy on the picture above it looks see through.Although the Highwayman sounds scary he showed great love to Bess the land-lords black eyed daughter.

  12. The highwayman has a red velvet coat and a mask to cover his identity. His passion for Bes [the landlord’s daughter] is very strong. His horse is like the black sky creeping across his body. As the horse gallops across the moor the highwayman smashes his horse with an angry manor. He is rich only because he steals from the wealthy. He is a malicious thief. It was vital to love Bes in his case even if he wasn’t alive. His eyes are like black sorrow pouring out constantly. He is mischievous. He wears leather brown/black boots. Creepy things happen………………………………..

  13. The Highway man – 100 word challenge

    The Highway man is a very mysterious character, he is also very secretive. He wears a black mask to cover up his identity and he also wears deluxe clothing to make him look like a rich person when he’s one of the people stealing all the riches. He has a black and white horse (which appears to be well trained) who seems very majestic and strong! Highway men were abominated by the wealthy, but the not so wealthy people thought it was fair because everyone deserves to be the same importance/same level. The soldiers wanted them dead.

  14. The highway man comes riding, riding he caries a glistening pistol it glistens like a light. He stops any carriage with his black horse then holds up his pistol and shouts ‘Pay up ….or pay with your lives!’ His wicked grin is mean and malicious it makes you want to drop dead on the spot. His three cornered hat has a big feather poking out of it’s top. The highway man has a dark, black facial mask to conceal his horrible identity. The highway man travels along the old, stone cobbles click, clack, click, clack. He was shot down. BANG!!!

  15. Right so we had been warned already , that a new girl was starting our school !!! I didn’t now what To think of her , was she nice,mean,horrible . I didn’t know . The next day came in a flash , this new girl , Katie, was pretty,beautiful and kind . The first day she started she was the talk of the school !!!! She was the centre of attention . I didn’t know that we would later be the bestest of friends in the whole entire world !i didn’t play with her till at least later than a month , maybe two months , or three , four , five I don’t remember now . Anyway it doesn’t matter . Back to the story now . Anyway so yeah I was playing with my OLD friends , Tyler, Grace and Carys , at that time .

    So she told me her address bit I couldn’t seem to remember it I was a lucky child because when I knocked at the door I was pleased to see that Katie was standing right in front of me. I was glad I didn’t knock on the door of so one else’s house . That would be very embarrassing of course . She also made friends with Mia , me and Mia didn’t get on that well , sometimes we would fall out and sometimes we got on really well , it was wiered how we could be friends and then fall out .

    So we would have our fabulous times and then really bad times…it was mysterious . Once we didn’t speak for a year !!! Wait that wasn’t that long ago maybe only a year ago . We’re getting closer to now 2016! But we’re not quite there yet so let’s carry on with the story , here we go . When I finally asked her could we start playing she said yes with enjoyment. I was amazed , I never thought she would take me back ! I’m now so happy she did! It was a miracle performed in front of my eyes !!!

    So we are only a couple of months before now well I think I have a lot to tell you about this month in our friendship chapter ! Well we actually fell out , y did we fall out again , oh yea I remember she fell out so me because she thought I was jealous of her and Mia playing together I wasn’t jealous though .

    So now this brings us to only a couple of days ago were Katie invited me to a christening of her cute and beautiful little cousin Lochlan he is so cute . It was amazing , there was flowers , balloons , lots of food , even a DJ, there was very loud music , we even had a KFC ,which was delicious,all thanks to my best friend Katie .

    So this brings us to now we fell out today , over the tiniest thing ever !! It was about me going with Mia ,katies other best friend , in I.C.T . Do you agree ? That it was the tiniest thing ever ? I’m sure everybody would agree to me in this case ?

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