Amazing Imagery!

Look at the amazing writing using imagery that some of Class 5 produced today! Can you spot the adjectives, similes and personification? 

4 thoughts on “Amazing Imagery!”

  1. Outside the wind howls as branches extend their long, pointy fingers. Sharp winter sounds fill the air, while hedgehogs build a home in a bush, as spiky as a needle. Gusts of snow pattern onto the floor, which was covered in ice as translucent as a mirror! Roads were paved with stars of ice, while pavements were like ice-hockey fields and clouds were pure white. As night came, all was quiet, until the wind picked up and the trees put on a performance for the wealthy and ramshackled houses alike. Winters night had just got frostier!

  2. Today’s sky is as blue as the ocean and there are unique patches of gloomy green, gingerly growing grass propagating through the grotesque mud. Daisies are dancing as the air breathes on them ever so cautiously, as the leaves put on a show for the perplexed children. Adults close their eyes and listen to the sweet singing of birds whilst lying on blankets of lush, golden drops of sun.

    This summer’s day could not get better!

  3. There was once a boy called Jake
    Who’s face resembled a snake
    His body was long
    He slithered along
    And hissed at people
    All day long.

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