100 Word Challenge – 7/12/15

Dear class

I would like you to produce a piece of creative writing of no more than 100 words on either (or both) of the following pictures.


Remember to check your work carefully before posting to this blog.

Good luck

55 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge – 7/12/15”

  1. The unicorn was flying wildly in the air desperate to find her way home. she’d been out on a journey through the wonderful meadows of raspberry forest the magical being looking desperately she saw a flash she heard a bang what was it it was … she was rushing now away from the creature in disgust another one of the creatures flew bye she was scared of the creatures .not knowing that the creature would lead her home . She could see her home when she got out of the forest the creatures turned into unicorns that she’d lost on the way through the forest

    1. Once upon a time in a kingdom far-far-away in the lands of the never-ending spring, a king sat in his golden throne and ruled his kingdom in perfect harmony. A person can feel nothing but excitement at the sight of the magnificent castle in which the king and his daughter lived, the majestic atmosphere of the woods spread all around the castle, and last but not least – the overwhelming beauty of the princess.

      It was pure Heaven-on-Earth; there was nothing that could even possibly attain the perfection of this place. The beauty of the forest made it amazing, yet another thing made it imposing,the most ever beautiful unicorn.

  2. UNICORNS!!!!!!!!

    One day in a mysterious land lived five thousand unicorns wondering what life would be like if they weren’t a unicorn and this is where my story begins………

    The emperor unicorn was approaching what looked like FOODDDDDD!!!! As the emperor strolled to the unpleasant being and released his mouth to take a gargantuan crunch of that juicy, dazzling creature. But his plans didn’t work out that well unfortunately. Infact his plans backfired sadly we never saw the cherished emperor ever again but good news stroke them. Their lives changed for ever and EVER. So the story has to end now but theres more………………

  3. The werewolf ran with his pack through the cold , icy snow not knowing were he was going he howled . Danger. He didn’t want to go any further as he howled a friend howled . What was it … it was the cliff . The two werewolves ran ahead and stopped in front of the pack howling again . The hole pack new now that it was unsafe but what creature was approaching … they took a circle round the cliff to loose sight of the creature they went back to the other packs of werewolves and settled down for the night

  4. One day, Mr Smout and his wife, who was a pure white unicorn, went out for a lovely meal. It was all going well until love flooded the air and I don’t mean between Mr Smout and his wife! Not short after entering the restaurant an eye-catching werewolf entered, this caused a huge impact on Mr Smout. His eyes turned to jewels of love, he started to sweat and his fingertips tingled. Obviously, the werewolf realised this and started to blush this made Mr Smout’s wife gloomy and her hair started to curl. Love was now between Mr Smout and the werewolf, I what will happen in their relationship?

  5. The unicorn swiftly turned his head. Standing there was a huge, red eyed and claw armed werewolf. The werewolf growled, stepping backwards ready to pounce, he bared his teeth in a menacing way. As fast as lightning he pounced at the frightened, harmless unicorn. The unicorn made a dash for it, making tight turns around tall trees and sharp rocks. His hooves were touching the frosty snow like pretty, white sticks sprinting across a world of marshmallows. In the distance, it was quite clear that to come was a sheer cliff edge getting closer and closer. The unicorn’s horn glimmered and just before he reached the edge, he saw something that made his heart sing. Flying in the air coming to save the him was a unicorn family. He was saved!

    1. Once upon a time, in a magical land a unicorn and her friends were learning at school. This was a bad week for Luna as the class of unicorns were doing a test week and one of their tests was today. Their first test was magic the, little unicorn hated magic but she had to do it. At home she studied and studied but she couldn’t get her magic right. This made Luna very, very sad and she wanted to give up but a sparkle went through her eyes, Luna knew just what to do!!!

      1. I think you have made a fantastic start on a brilliant story, I also liked your ending Luna knew just what to do!!! Try and add more similes.

  6. There was once a little unicorn who was always being bullied. The other unicorns used to tease him and call him names, he was very sad. One day the unicorn was walking through the Forrest when he bumped into an old lady, she saw that he was sad and granted him a wish. The unicorn wished to be turned into a scary werewolf for one day, he immediately turned into one. He excitedly ran through the Forrest and found the other unicorns, he jumped out at them and shouted “don’t be mean to the little unicorn” they were very scared and from that day they were never mean to the little unicorn again.

  7. There are some people that believe in unicorns. There are also some people that don’t!! There was once a girl called Bella. Bella was also known as the dreamer since she was a HUGE believer of unicorns! She called people dream catchers since they always told her unicorns weren’t real! She knew where they came from (Neptune and Pluto!) She once read a book about unicorns that said, The unicorn raised her pearly white horn, pushed magic into the air and flew away!! The unicorns danced with glee and sung with joy!! The dreamer would never awake from unicorns worlds!!

  8. The Uniwolf Once upon a time, there was a unicorn with a with a very good friend, a werewolf, he was very fond of being friends because they would go on amazing adventures, their names were Buttercup and Grimling. Suddenly the werewolf came up with a devious plan for the next adventure, they were going to eat all the Christmas pudding. So their plan was in action, they went down stairs and the clock struck midnight, they went into the re-fridgerator but it wasn’t there they went back and it was in there pet human’s cage they laughed and ran up stairs.

  9. One day the outstanding looking Queen of the beautiful unicorns was sat on her highly thrown. The king of the werewolves where hear. The selfish king of the almighty pack asked the Queen to either step down from the thrown and let him by King and her to be his servant or to go to war. The Queen did not want the King of the werewolves to be in charged over the whole magical, colourful land, he will turn it into a dark, evil place, so she replied to go to war. She got her troops ready and

    1. I love your description of the queen and the king, I also like how you used reported speech. Next time try to check your work for mistakes before posting.

  10. Come in unicorn?

    Once upon a time a unicorn called joy was walking to a magical flower that would give her a horn. She was the only unicorn that was born without a horn. She had to go up hills down hills through fields and passed forests but one day she found the flower but she forgot guarding the flower was scar. Scar is a hard,fierces werewolf that doesn’t like trespassers. Joy entered the forest and hered sticks cracking.she got scared. The werewolf leaped out to joy and scrached her and fell on the flower. THUNDER CLASHED LIGHTENING CRASHED The werewolf shot of and joy had her horn and all was happy.

  11. Once upon a time there was a wonderful unicorn called Anastasia. She was a graceful unicorn and she was always nice to all her friends, the animals in the forest. Even though she lived with her family and no one else she was happy. She had never seen any other unicorns because her mother had told them they were the last unicorns around. But she was wrong. One day Anastasia came across a little village of unicorns. It was then she realised her mum was lying to her. She decided to run away and live in the little unicorn village.

  12. Once upon a time there was a werewolf, it was friendly but all children were scared of him, this made him very sad!

    The werewolf wondered how he could get the children to like him and not be scared! Along came a magical unicorn who cast a spell on the werewolf, it made him nice so children would wouldn’t be scared anymore. 62

    He went into the park too see if the magic had worked. Along came some kids and they ran over to him….. they wasn’t scared anymore. The werewolf said “thank you” to the unicorn, he was very happy!

  13. The fierce werewolf howled in the night making a shadow dark as the night sky he ran to the bottom of the cliff. He found the scent of the positive annoying unicorn. The black hearted wolf heard the singing of the frustrating unicorn he stormed in to the dull city, the only glow was the shine of the mane. The werewolf bit the flesh off the unicorn without a blink off her eye she ran off with the wind. Loudly, everyone started to scream until the raw of the out of control werewolf was let out for his victory “RAW”.

  14. As the small pack of werewolf’s rome around the deserted ,eerie woods.The
    Dominant male of the pack ,leading the way sniffing the ground trying to
    Picking up a sent . One day a stupid 10 year old boy decided to go
    Into the spooky woods .Then the werewolf could smell the boy
    The fearsome pack plodded slyly up to the 10 year old ,while the boy
    Was climbing an old,rickety tree.Not knowing that the horrid ,sly werewolf
    Was slithering up behind him . The werewolf was in site of the boy .
    A scream slipped out of the boys mouth as he saw the fangs of the death defying
    Werewolf. I wonder what will happen next …

  15. One day three little unicorns decided to build a wonderful tree house. STOMP. The big bad werewolf strolled down the path and saw the wonderful tree house but he was not big and bad for nothing. SUDDENLY he pulled out a sharp axe and chopped it up into thin planks. The next day the unicorns thought of a plan, which was very good indeed. They built a stone house with traps in it and invited the werewolf round for tea. Within a blink of an eye the werewolf sat down on the trap and sprung up into space. When you see a shooting star who knows what it will be!

  16. There was once a fiercome warewolf howling through the nights clouds. Then a beautifull UNICORN came through the dark,dusty forest there was a crack of a branch but nothing was there…the unicorn looked around. A dark shadow raced cross the trees there was a whisper who are you what are you doing here the unicorn replied in a screachy voice I’m trying to find my way home. But first i’ve got to get my magical powers from that glowing flower over there just let me pass please i’ll never bother you again . The unicorn raced on ahead and they lived happily ever after.

  17. It came closer; a snarl that would destroy any mans soul. The anticipation of death corrupts him. The werewolf reared its ugly head, he raced towards the man. The trees seemed to stop him in his path; it crept, in silence, waiting for the moment to strike. Subsequently, this gave the werewolf away, he was noticed. The air was thick, the moor was gloomy, no chance now. One single bite, one, was all that was needed. The werewolf, unbelievable speed, here, then there, now he is close by. The werewolf’s luck was about to run out. As these valiant men…

  18. I lied in my cosy bed, I was finding it very difficult to sleep. I gazed at the twinkling stars and imagined beautiful white unicorns galloping through the twinkling night sky. To my amazement they came to a halt, they had reached a huge glowing ball! It was a full moon ! They could not leap over it or gallop through it and they started to panic. Suddenly I heard a howling noise, I then saw a scary werewolf whose teeth were glistening in the dark. Was he going to try and eat the terrified, trembling unicorns for a midnight feast?

  19. Once opon a time the was a Unicorn called snowy ,but she has a danger the three little wolves she could be killed in second ,taking gut out . All unions can do is go to school ,and their owners will take it from there . It was one after noon when unicorns can be free for a whole great 8 weeks of summer,all that can be done is to be free.The wolves can be know after a villein the great big bad wolf. All i can say is anything can go wrong iff the the little wolves and the big bad wolf get out i wonder.

  20. The Unicorn

    One drab, rainy day there was a strange, young boy sprinting away from some cruel bullies when he stumbled upon a bright, blue unicorn. This was a magic one and unicorns were in danger of extinction and were supposed to be taken to the knights that were under the kings’ order to seek out all these majestic, kind creatures and behead them. Just because the one the king had didn’t like the way he was treated so he ran away with his father and he never returned nor did his father. Now he thinks every unicorn is that cruel.

  21. A werewolf was sitting in the woods, lonely as can be. After some time, a sparkling, fluffy unicorn came, the werewolf immediately noticed her and let out an ear- breaking screech. Suddenly, lots of werewolves appeared at the scene.

    The poor, distraught unicorn was startled. At that moment the werewolves thought she had gave up and went easy. In an instant, the unicorn turned multi-coloured and flashed with purity. The werewolves eyes popped like rockets, and their whole bodies shook like they had been electric shocked.The werewolves learnt to never touch a unicorn ever again.

  22. One day, a white, shimmering Unicorn soared through the sky, enjoying the peace that was before him. Meanwhile, at the other side of the enchanted fields, a dark, black Werewolf was running around, spreading darkness everywhere it went. When they met, they had a huge battle, the Unicorn shot a very bright beam but the Werewolf shot a dark, undead beam. Their powers clashed and the powers shot back at each other and then it created a huge tornado that hit both villages. Luckily, the villages stopped it when they worked together, they learned a lesson that we don’t fight.

  23. The werewolf was stalking its prey, getting ready to strike. The werewolf was sure to complete the challenge. POUNCE! The prey was eliminated, now the wolf was back on patrol looking for his next fight. The wolf was unbeaten he has defeated every single one of his opponents. Finally after hours of searching he had found something, it looked liked a horse. When it was ready to destroy it, the horse did something magical it trumped out rainbows. The werewolf paused, he stopped the horse turned around. To the werewolf’s surprise it was a unicorn. The werewolf thought unicorns were soft and easy to sabotage, but when he comes face to face with the unicorn it snorts out fire with its nostrils.

  24. The werewolf was getting ready to pounce. He was stalking the hog, leaning forward getting ready to pounce. HOWL the wolf screamed as the hog lay as still as a statue. Now the wolf was back on patrol ,after hours of searching for his prey he had finally found something. Something that looked like a horse, just as he was about to pounce something strange happened. The horse didn’t neigh it started singing ( it was a beautiful harmony) the wolf couldn’t understand what it was saying because it didn’t speak fairytale language. it was like the music was attracting the wolf to the unicorn. The unicorn turned round and snorted out fire from its nostrils it was the most scariest moment in the wolfs life!

  25. As the small pack of wolves furiously plodded towards the boys, are hairs stuck up almost pulling us to heaven where we would probably be in a second . Heart beating , pulse pumping the wolves looked at them then stared ahead at the all white unicorn which stood right in the path of the wolves, what do you think the wolves will do ?, Without thinking the wolves took several bites out the unicorns body and left it to die . The next morning before school, the boys anxiously went to the setting were the unicorn was killed, in an instant they were staring at a healthy unicorn …….. the end .

    1. Well done Charlie, you really made us think. We love your adverbs such as anxiously, we also loved your time openers such as, in an instant. Next time try to add more punctuation such as commas as when reading we really needed a breathe.

  26. 100 word challenge
    One quiet afternoon, in the land of Scoopride, there was a very confident werewolf hiding in the bushes, spying on his old girlfriend to check if she was okay. When he saw her dancing with a vampire, the werewolf( Tommy)was astonished with what he had seen Tommy blinked a few times to see if it were just his eyes playing up on him, but they weren’t. Then the vampire quickly glanced over at Tommy and WHOOSH! Suddenly, the mysterious vampire appeared right in front of him. The extremely tall vampire challenged Tommy to a fight for the unicorn. In the end the Tommy punched the vampire and the unicorn and Tommy lived happily ever after.

    1. That’s a very good story because we like the story line!
      I would love to read more.
      Maybe you could add some adjectives to describe all the characters.

  27. One day a fierce werewolf, who lived in the forest of fear, came into a little village on the edge of the forest. He was looking for a human victim as he went through the streets of the village. The families fled from the streets of wonder into their mystical houses. The werewolf broke into the house of Mad Hatter and ate his son Smash Hatter Junior. Mad hatter got a gun and shot the werewolf but, survived, then fell of the cliff and unfortunately died.

    By Alfie

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