Class 5 have been investigating dissolving.  We have had a great time and found a few results quite surprising!

Which results surprised you the most?  Can you think of any other solids which will dissolve in water?  Do you think the temperature of the water will affect the dissolving process?


8 thoughts on “Dissolving”

  1. We think the temperature of the water does affect the results as for the gravy didn’t dissolve properly because of the temperature of the water. The sugar and salt shocked us the most as we thought they would dissolve quickly as they do in tea and coffee, as we thought this through, we then realised that it could have been because of the temperature of the water. Other things that could dissolve in water may be, particular tea bags and hot chocolate.

  2. I thought the oil would dissolve because it looked like it would dissolve super quickly and the temperature affects the process it could be very different

  3. I think the temperature does affect what you’re actually testing, since say you put coffee or gravy in a cup with warm water it would dissolve quicker but if you put it in cold water it would dissolve much slower!!

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