100 Word Challenge – 30/11/15

Dear class

I would like you to produce a piece of creative writing of no more than 100 words on the following picture.


You have five words that MUST be included in your writing too, the words are:

Carefully     Fifty     Spider     White     Pushed

Please try to highlight the words so that your readers can see them all.

Good luck

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  1. My spider facts

    .Spiders who have hair on them are mammals
    .The most valuable spider is a Kenyan Applecrosser
    .Spiders DNA has as much as four people combined together
    .Spiders run up to 30mph if needed in a matter of a crisis
    .Spiders have many different colours such as white, black, orange and brown with many more
    . A jumping spider can jump up to five feet
    . The biggest spider in the world is the goliath bird eating tarantula
    . A spiders legs are about four centimetres for a house spider they could probably stretch up to 8 centimeters

  2. What if spiders were bigger than people and people were the size of spiders?

    When people get scared of a tiny spider they throw us out of the window. We either get stood on, brake a leg or die ,and none of those things are good. Sometimes ,if they have a cat flap the humans push us out, and I have had that awful experience! As I am writing I have survived. Now I will tell you a story. It was very cold and my family scuttled into a house. They heard loud footsteps ,and a high pitch scream. To that humans horror she saw fifty spiders ,and before they could run the beast killed them all!

    1. I am rather glad that spiders aren’t bigger than people and people the size of spiders. What a fantastic way to start your story – a brilliant hook for your reader.

  3. Carefully, the white, shifty spider pushed his leg down the plug hole trying to squeeze through, thinking to be as small as a ladybird. His shoulders were crunched up, placed on the top of his stomach and his fur fell flat on his back as smooth as ice. He tried over and over and over again to squeeze down the plug hole but he couldn’t get through, he just wouldn’t move even the tiniest bit. Irritated, the white, shifty spider, who was now a tired lump of nothing, fled to find another way to get to work! I wonder what his job may be exactly?

  4. Carefully, the white, shifty spiders pushed the creaky door to one side and dealed with the mess. One side of the room seemed as dusty as an old chamber. The spiders gathered around like mothers would do in need of a chat, except one spider alone, it looked like the tiny being was stranded, one of his fifty legs was wedged inbetween two doors. One of the other spiders noticed the hopeless spider and unwedged him out. The other fifty spiders got to work immediatly finding old bits and bobs that might injure themselves. Some of the spiders stood around thinking what is the point!

  5. Carefully, the fifty enormous spiders crept to the white, creaky door. A human who was a giant to them pushed the door open allowing the spiders to creep through, but the big human didn’t like these miniature creatures and would be distraught if she saw one! Fifty would make her cower in a corner.
    So, the mini but fascinating spider slumbered up the stairs and scared the girl half to death, but the spiders spoke and calmed her down she learned that they would not hurt her and weren’t hostile. Her fear of spiders had been banished from her soul.

  6. Carefully, the fifty white spiders climbed upon the bed, pushing a book off the bed in the process. (The book was about colours) Everything ruined the spider’s peace, the sound of the book falling, the bed being bouncy and that someone had walked into the room. The spiders were in luck though; the shock of seeing the spiders caused the person to fall over. Then their luck shifted again, the creaky floorboards beneath the bed gave way causing FIFTY spiders (yes all of them fell) AND a bed to fall on a dining table. The family has not recovered yet!

  7. Spider facts

    There are over 38,000 different kinds of spiders in the world.
    They live in hot countries like America and hot deserts.some spiders have white spots and a black body. spiders climb through plug holes in your bath tub. Spiders have 8 legs and a big body. At least fifty spiders or more are poisonous,some are wired. I saw a spider once it pushed out its legs very carefully. Some spiders you can buy in pet shops. Some people love spiders some people have spiders and some people just hate spiders. Spiders form spiderwebs large ones and small ones

    Thank you for listening bye

  8. Carefully , the multi coloured spiders push each other, there are over fifty thousand.
    When I say multi coloured I mean reds ,blues and whites . Some spiders are poisonous.
    Like the toxic spider the black widow this particular spider has a weird way of mating.
    When they have mated the female eats ,yes ,eats the male . There a lot of species of
    Spider, like the tarantula the tarantula doesn’t live in a web it lives in a burrow it uses its
    Fangs to dig it or it takes some else’s . It also has its owen hunting technique.
    It injects it’s fangs into its prey and injecting a neurotoxin making the victims body
    Making its body jelly and slurping it up through its fangs then it will push the remains
    Into its burrow for its baby.

    By Jake


    Me, Jack and Alex were at grandma and grandad’s caravan, it was sunny, we were having fun playing in the padding pool.

    My grandma shouted us in for dinner. We got out of the paddling pool carefully so we could go inside and eat. I pushed the door open and went inside the caravan.

    We ate dinner quickly so we could go back outside.

    After dinner, we was going to get into the paddling pool, but there was a big black spider in it! It was huge, it looked like it had about fifty legs, I looked at Jack’s face and it was white.

    Joe Mercer

  10. Carefully ,my family of fifty spiders pushed the boulder to the white, boastful king. Everyone hated the one and only king of the spiders. Gingerly, I went down to the vast river ,but SUDDENLY an army of spider soldiers marched down the steep, bumpy hill. Swiftly, I ran as fast as my eight legs could carry me but it was no use I found my self running in circles . ‘no…I need to get home else the boastful king will banish me to the island of thunder.’ SURPRISINGLY , the guards gave me a gift from the king so after all he was a kind king.

  11. 100 word challenge

    I was in my sparkling, white bathtub playing with my rubber ducky when I felt an eight legged creature clamber up my back, I looked over my quivering shoulder to see my biggest nightmare looking up at me. To my astonishment I saw a spider carefully clinging onto my motionless flesh. It was then that I realised I’d been haunted by spiders. I had seen about fifty of them crawling around the house. Once they even locked me in toilet but I don’t know how it is possible for a spider to have pushed a door! It was extremely disturbing!

  12. There was once a very big spider who lived in my room. Its home was a large white cobweb in the corner of the window. It carefully crawled round the cobweb collecting all fifty flies that he had been caught. It wrapped them up in white silk that it had spun and carefully pushed them to the top of the white cobweb. I don’t know how that little spider was going to eat all fifty flies its belly would be very full. When I got up the next morning I carefully opened my curtains and all fifty flies were gone.

  13. Carefully fifty spiders pushed against the broken board, what was bright white. Finally they got out and climbed down the shaky cupboards and made a springy web, what they speedily ran across when they got to the other side of the room one of them saw a little scary hole it was like the entireness to your mouth, they went through and saw a cave of other spiders. Immediately they ran to a comfy web. When they felt a shake it was the rumble of the building being knocked down when they finally got out they rushed over and finally swung out and ended up on a tree.

  14. Tiny spiders crawling up the white wall as soon as you see them you let out a scream “AAAAHHHHHHHHHH…”you’ve pushed them out the window or down the drain pipe , you have got to admit. Hmmmmm should I really be scared of them think what they haft to go through if its fifty spiders , a hundred , one million it doesn’t matter they still go through it ,imagine if I was a spider what would I do ? I would live in houses hmmmm not really I would probably get killed or carefully crawling down the drain pipe ?

  15. Spider

    Spiders are cool
    They carefully climb and cling
    Fifty are scary

    They can make a web
    They come in lots of colours
    They have creepy eyes

    Spiders can be fun
    The hairy spiders pushed
    They are amazing

    They can have white skin
    They are scary and hairy
    They can be frightening

    They can be creeps
    They have funny little legs
    Spiders are stupid

    Most of them are gross
    When they eat they eat flies
    People can be scared

    White are the worst
    Some can be spectacular
    Some can be extreme

    What do you think they are like?

    98 words

  16. .Other members of the arachnid family include scorpions, mites, ticks and harvestmen.
    .Most spiders are harmless to humans. time for a story
    one day a spider called draggy fooled people he carefully snuck up on people and frighten then he told to count to three after they did the would vanish . when they are vanished sting would stick to the spot .
    he kept on doing un till all of the string was gone stuck to the spot un till he tried to move he couldn’t and the he flung into the river and seen and never seen again but maybe again .

  17. .spiders have 8 legs
    .they eat flies and other instects
    .because spiders are small they have lots of enemies
    .we (humans) are also enemies to spiders
    .Such as birds, toad, lizards and monkeys hunt them
    .all spiders have fangs
    .spider belongs to a group called arachnids
    .scorpions , mites , and ticks are pats of the arachnid famliy

  18. One day, Thomas and his friend, Phil, were outside having a wonderful day until their ball went under a small bench. Thomas said that he would get it, he looked under and then a leg reached out, carefully, Thomas backed away. Then, fifty white spiders pushed through from underneath the bench, horrified, Thomas and Phil ran away. Their hearts were pounding like they wanted to escape, they gathered their courage and stood up to the spiders. the spiders moved, Thomas and Phil moved as well, they got closer and closer, then before Thomas and Phil knew, they had already stood on the spiders and they had retrieved their ball.

  19. Carefully the giant black spider made his web, this is where he lives, between two trees. His amazing web glistened white in the frost with a fly trapped in it. The creepy spider pushed the fly until it went into his mouth then he enjoyed his tasty morning meal. Suddenly, a boy kicked his football and it hit the spiders web. The spider tumbled to the ground. Never mind said the clever spider and he used his eight strong legs to climb back up the tree and rebuild his home again. He must have made fifty webs in his lifetime!

  20. .There are more than 50 species of spiders!
    .Male spiders are usually smaller than female spiders
    .Most spiders have either six or eight eyes
    . Spiders can be any different colour like white, brown or black
    .You have to pick them up carefully and try not to drop them
    .Spiders aren’t insects, insects have 3 body parts and 6 legs
    .Spiders legs are around 4 centimetres
    .Most spiders have fangs, which means venom is ejected
    .Spider bites can be quite painful, and a select few can be painful
    .Not all spiders spin webs some spiders belong to the Arachnid family

  21. There are many types of spiders like the Brazilian wandering spider, the widow spider, the wolf spider, the huntsman, the jumping one, the white-tail spider and the Australian funnel-web spider! What I’m trying to get across is there are more than fifty different types of spiders! In fact there are more than FIFTY-THOUSAND different species of spiders!! Spiders carefully weave their webs so they can catch their prey and by prey I mean flies or anything similar!! The prey would be pushed further into the web and so the spiders would eat them!! Spiders can be deadly or very weak!!

  22. Spider
    Carefully, the spider pushed open the door to see fifty white flies to feed on. His hairy, soft legs padding across the laminated floor. With a leap he pounced over the flies scoffing them up with an occasional cough and splutter. When his feast was over he scrambled back to where he was before. He pushed some leftovers away out his path as he did so. As if by magic he had almost disappeared into the thin air with no trace left behind him. However this isn’t any old spider. This spider has a job for The S.I.6. There many mysteries to be solved!

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